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A cause for concern?

I am doing a second cycle of CW’s ABB and while doing deadlifts at 60% max for 5x10 and going for speed I felt a sudden, sharp pain in the right side back of my head and also somewhat in the front behind my eye. This happened on my ascent on the 3rd set. It went away after a minuter or two. I then finished my workout without anymore pain. Today while walking around and at work I noticed a very faint sensation in that area. I’m guessing as I got fatigued I wasn’t breathing right during the lift and I busted some blood vessels, but was wondering if it might be something I should pay more attention to?

i had the same thing happen to me last spring. i was taking “ripped fuel” which contains ephedra. everytime i would do heavy squats, bench press, or masterbate/have sex this would happen to me. i would have to walk around and breath deeply/ drink tons of water to make it go away. why does this happen??? it’s scarry as fuck.

Sounds like blood pressure problems. Probably exacerbated by dehydration.
Esp since you experienced the primary indication during the squat where your Intra-Thoracic Pressue is very high (somebody will probably correct me on the term)
Ummm, Drink more water, take less ephedra. Try Hot-Rox. I got far more in water-shed and zero shakes or blood pressure issues.

exact same thing happened to me doing heavy weighted pullups but it lasted for like 10 minutes, whats going on?

Could be something as simple as a pinched nerve, but better check it out.

Get in to a good chiropractor who’ll tell you right off the bat (after examination, x-rays, etc.) if he thinks it requires the attention of an MD.

Regardless, I wouldn’t ignore it.

Mike the Mann is correct, it shouldn’t be ignored. It definitely sounds like a pinched nerve. Seek out a reputable chiropractor ASAP. It’s no cause for major concern, but it should definitely be addressed so it doesn’t happen again.
The other option is to fly to Tucson. I’ll fix the issue for you.

Thanks CW and Mike and all for the advice I will defininety heed it and get thee to a chiropractor. Thanks for the offer Mr. Waterbury! if only I could wait till January when I’ll probably be passing throught your neck of the woods on my way to LA to seek my fame and fortune!

One more thing, I probably wont get into see a Chiro until Mon. so is it all right for me to finish my workout this week? Tommorrow is Bench/Row 5x10, and Fri is Squat 10x3.

I am so glad to know that I am not alone in experiencing bizarre symptoms when I am working out.

On a semi-related topic, on day 2 of ABB I determined that it is impossible for me to sip a “surge” during a superset that involves squats. Total discomfort.

I am still laughing at the post above about the symptom that was brought on by doing squats and masterbating!

i hated my life during that time period, i didnt whack it for almost a month…i lost fat on the ephedra but to my getting my nut off was more important…haha

If you can masturbate while doing squats you need to use more weight.

Hey! Chad Waterbury called me Mike the Mann!