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A Cardio Complement to Bodybuilding

Hi, i’m good with gym, i am currently training 4 days a week, always one day off, and im thinking about a good complement. I can run, iam “good” but i don’t like, i was thinking about swimming, but go to a swimming pool with always someone in front of you… i prefere waiting to live close to the sea.

So i don’t really know, i want a good synergy with bodybuilding, and work my cardio but i don’t want lose some energy for training and i burn easily calories so… when i will get a good body in my view, i will just find a good deal for a maintenance and learn a new sport, but actually i would like just work correctly my cardio and maybe get some other benefit if i find a good combination


Cycling seems to build leg muscles, while running seems to do the opposite. Might be something to look into.

Thank dude, i will think about it, even if i don’t really like, i still think that swimming are the best for the advantage, when you add some training like that (cardio) its better to eats more the day when u swimming or cycling ?

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Depends on your goals. If cutting, probably not, if gaining, yes.

I too like swimming, but it just isn’t practical for me. I think I can almost push cardio harder because I don’t get hot. I once got out of a pool after about 45 minutes of swimming. I was all wobbly and dizzy. I think I just didn’t realize how hard I was pushing, because body temp was not elevated, and I didn’t have the perception of sweating.

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i would like still gain mass, even slowly but get a body more " cut " because i had a good diete i know it, and i gain mass step by step, but still i think that add swimming or other can give something more in the body maybe, and swimming can help to feel more relax “head” and so on, just that make me sleepy a lot ahah

U push a lot for get this feeling ahahah swimming its crazy, just i heard that he can be bad for the shoulder to swim, but still i think i’ts the more safe sport with gym or yoga so


I like to throw about 5 min at the end of lifting sessions. Rowing erg on upper days, sled pushing on lower days.

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5 minute every session u think it’s fine for get a correct cardio ? i will try in your way

Absolutely. Try 60 sec pushing, 60 sec rest. For me, even 3 rounds of this is tough! As long as you use enough weight that it’s challenging.

I am sways thought of a sled push as conditions. Have I been thinking about it wrong? It’s all kind of confusing for me lol

Cardio is just gen pop for conditioning :wink:

i don’t have this stuff in my gym club ( i never see that in France ) it’s shit because that seems really good, so i will doing Rowing erg 10/15 minute in the end of the training