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A call to needy T-teens

Well to start out just a warning so your post will go up. DO NOT POST EMAIL ADRESSES.

O.k. I just ordered a new Power Rack and I have my old one. It isnt the best but it is not the worst either. Has crossover pulleys, safety bars, and pins.

Anyway, I wont to pass this on to a needy T-teen. I am looking for people to reply to this who are in their teens only and could not afford one them selves.

I want you to post a short very short explaination of why you deserve this. Lets say no more than 75 words. From these I will pick someone to get it. If I am having a problem picking a single person I will PM my top few choices for a little more info.

The only thing I ask in return is that you pay for shipping. So if you live in California or Overseas it probably isn’t worth it. ( I am on the EAST COAST ) If your story really knocks me dead I might consider helping out here to, but I am not the most well funded individual, being a Grad staudent and all.

I emailed to Chris and when I feel it is getting out of hand, on the # of post I can email them and they will shut it down for me. So it could be tonight could be next week.

The winner will have to wait for my New Power rack to get here also which should be next week.

Knock me down and show me u deserve it guys and gals.


I was gonna respond to this but I think there are people out there who are younger and not as well developed who need this more than me, but I did want to say personally that you’re one hell of a stand up guy, Phill.


I just want to tell you that what you are doing is a very kind deed.

You really are a credit to this forum!

My name is David, I’m a 19 y/o student in Lincoln, NE. I think I “deserve” your power rack because I’m currently doing squats/benches/good mornings under 50 dollars worth of used adjustables i bought at play-it-again sports two years ago. They are rusty and cobweb infested. Any lift over 200 pounds causes them to sway back and forth. Before workouts i have to bang them on the floor so that the “adjustable part” will come free from the center. Lastly, the lowest adjustable height is too high for me to reach from a standard bench so i use a desk. With the desk i can’t do any exercises except the close grip bench/california presses because if the grip is wider my traps hit the side of the furniture. Everything is so “ghetto” I feel like I’m training in prison! Basically, imagine hundreds of pounds being held about by two rusty screws on each side that adjust the height. As you probably know, many of the Dave Tate, powerlifting articles on this site reccomend lifting out of a power rack and with college i just can’t afford anything better than what i’ve got right now. Sorry i don’t have a digital cam but i wanted to post this a.s.a.p., later i can send you a pic of what i’m working with if you want. Regardless of whether i “win” classy move to give away your power rack!

Thanks guys just trying to help someone out.

You all have helped me in my times of need.

Here are a couple close ups of the rack.

Thanks guys,


I don’t know if i qualify for this. I’m 16, turning 17 on monday, but I’m wouldn’t call myself needy. I have free weights of my own, and a bench that I can squat off of. However, I really would like a power rack. So I’m not gonna lie, I don’t NEED this by any means, but if you don’t find anyone else, I would LOVE to have it, and promise to work my ass of with it. Thanks for doing such a great thing,

I probably don’t need to, but after reading one other response I withdraw…no way I deserve this thing more than registered4grow.

Phill, I have to give credit where credit is due. That is very generous of you, and a great idea! Hopefully more people will start doing this sort of thing for newbies who can’t afford equipment or a gym membership. Again, awesome idea!

John DeVito

Phill: What a magnanimous, noble thing to do…for whatever it’s worth, you have my deepest respect. You’re a credit to our brotherhood.

I love it; greatest idea I’ve seen in a while.

Stand up job, Phil.


Thanks guys,

Really I wish someone would have done this for me and now I am in a position to help a brother/sister in need.

I mean I could put an add in the paper and make a few $ but man I have gotten my moneys worth out of the rack, it is still good just about time to upgrade so I figured I would find some needy T-teen.

Thanks again, maybe well get some more equipment that is just collecting dust that some needy young lifters can put to good use out there.

Looks as if Davids post ( a solid one ) has set the bar high and might be scaring a few off.

We’ll give it a few days atleast.



You are a shining example of why this board is the best there is !!!

You Rock !


Wow Phill, you’re quite a T-Man to be sure, I applaud your generosity.

Just bumping this so I can possibly get some more replies.

David needs some comp. he is a strong front runner.


Come on guys and gals, you dont like it.



Don’t get me wrong, Phill. I would LOVE a power rack, especially for free (minus shipping)!!!

But in all honesty, I’ve built a great base without one, making due. I do have a job, I have lots of bills, but I can see myself getting by for a while.

In short, I don’t seem to need one as bad as Dave. I do have a regular cheap bench.

But if he changes his mind!!!



I think there are a lot of people who would like to take it off your hands but one read of David’ post and it probably makes the think twice. :slight_smile:

Davide does have a good case though.

It’s a great gesture on your part and i hope that you have good fortune come your way.

I just bought a powerrack a couple of months ago, so I am afraid that I dont need this one. Thats great that you are giving away something that you could probably get money for. I see some good karma coming your way. Come on biotest boys throw this man a shirt or something.

Phil, we love your power rack, really we do, the the problem is, when it comes down to it, when most of us really think about it, we aren’t “needy”. I’d have no problem taking that rack off your hands, just today I got shafted. My gym closes at six on the weekends and because of an afternoon study group that I got sucked in to, I wasn’t able to make it there and came home at 8:00 with no gym to go to and no rack of my own. On the same hand, I don’t even pay for my gas so to say I am needy is just a plain old lie. I agree that there should be at least “two” other competitors to make the give away exciting but on the other hand, I applaud people for not giving you bullshit stories and realizing that they aren’t as needy as they like to think :slight_smile:

You know, despite the hair cut, you’re a pretty cool guy Phil.