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A breath of fresh air

Check out the following article at cnn.com:
www.cnn.com/2002/HEALTH/05/06/diet/index.html It’s amazing – sanity in the lay press!

The frustrating thing is that most of the sheep out there will look at this approach as “revolutionary”. Sad, so sad.

Even if they think it’s revolutionary, at least they won’t think that fat = healthy or some other BS.

I loved it…!!.. it just said in so many words: “get off your fat sorry asses, excersize and eat right, and you’ll loose weight and keep it off”… 2+2=4, always will.

This reminds me of when Jenny Craig was interviewed about selling her company, and they kept the camera higher then they normally do on guests, and taking a closer look I could tell she was fat. I thought that was funny, Jenny Craig is fat. Where are you getting your advice

Just realized that people might not know my last sentence was meant for the general population, and not for the people here at t-mag. I know where we get our info, there is no better source.