A Break from TRT - Is PCT Needed?

A little background -

-age - 22
-height - 170 cm
-weight - 70 KG

due to low levels of testosterone (leading to low sex drive and fatigue and other symptoms) received TRT for the last eight months.

Blood tests before starting treatment:

FSH MIU / ML 2.37 2.05
GH NG / ML 0.75
LH MIU / ML 2.00
PRG-17-OH NMOL / L 1.70
FREE T4 PMOL / L 13:00
TSH UIU / ML 2.54 2.35

I did many tests before starting the treatment - but there was no reason apparent reason for the low T levels (LH levels were not elevated…).

Treatment: TestoMax gel 50 MG once daily for the past eight months, the values â??â??increased and the general feeling and the symptoms have been greatly improved.

lab results last month (after eight months of treatment):

FSH < 0.8
LH < 0.2
VIT.D 25-OH NG/ML 53.60

  1. first question - is this lab results good?

following a semen test analysis that turned out i’m Infertile (side effect of the treatment) and the willing to ensure the ability to bring future offspring, it was decided to take a break from treatment, Ensure proper semen test after three months of break and then freeze the sperm, so that I can continue treatment without concern for years and always have a backup in case something goes wrong in the future.

And now to the subject - a few questions:

  1. what do you think about the decision to stop the TRT and freeze the sperm?
  2. should I do PCT?

Specialist urologist prescribed me HCG (as ovitrelle) to resume the production of sperm, the dosage - 60MG three times a week for a whole month (60MG = 1500UI If I’m not mistaken). Total of â??â??25,0000 UI.

  1. I understand it’s a pretty high dose and for quite a long time (month), what do you think of this? I read a high dose (more than 500IU per day) is not recommended and may lead to a large increase in estrogen. Should I change the dose?

  2. Never offered any use SERM, do I need one? (Especially with a relatively large amount of the HCG)

  3. Should I consider using an AI?

  4. How long since the cease of applying the gel should I start with the HCG (or SERM if you recommend it)? The gel comes out of the bloodstream in 72-96 hours (according to PI).

  5. I was also offered Pregnyl instead of ovitrelle, which one I should prefer? can I inject Pregnyl subcutaneous like ovitrelle or it must be intramuscular? - I saw reference in past posts, most were against subcutaneous because it may hurt immersion, The question is it even possible and is it significant?

I really appreciate any help, I should start injecting the HCG soon.

Please use the [edit] function in your post above to modify it; add lab ranges.

hCG is hCG, brand does not matter. Inject SC, no need for IM. If hCG is shipped to you, must be shipped dry.

Yes, that dose it too high. You are wanting to recover testicular function, desensitizing LH receptors with large doses is exactly what you need to avoid.

You can use hCG while on your TRT and the problem you have now is predicable and would have been prevented with T+hCG from the start.

A SERM can get the top end of the HPTA working before the transition. Do not take hCG+SERM; take one at a time.

Stay on TRT, add hCG and while you are doing this testes will recover to whatever extent they will. You need to provide enough time for the testes to recover size and function. If you do not, you cannot recover as you stop TRT. After testes seem to be recovered in size and firmness, stop hCG and start Nolvadex. Now the testes should be running on LH+hCG. Do Nolvadex for 3-4 weeks then taper off slowly, never stop suddenly.

SERM increase E2. If you stop the SERM suddenly, your hypothalamus will suddenly see the E2 and shut you down. This is called “estrogen rebound”.

You should be using anastrozole during TRT and during PCT and cruise on 0.5mg per week in EOD divided doses. You need a liquid product to be able to dose such small amounts.

You need hCG in 10,000iu multi dose vials. You cannot work properly with glass amps that are designed for large doses used in artificial insemination and IVF. And these large doses are designated for IM as the intent is a hammer blow, not HRT.

Your TSH is elevated. Do you have T3, T4, fT3 or fT4 data?

At you age, one should be seeking a condition that created your low-T problem and not be tunnel visioned on T levels. Be open minded about other problems.

Read the advice for new guys sticky and the thyroid basics sticky.

  • provide more labs and info about you
  • post your oral waking body temperatures and mid afternood
  • describe history of use of iodized salt or vitamins that list iodine.

No, PCT is not necessary. Most guys will recover fine on their own to pre TRT levels without pharmaceutical help. See for example the Test taper protocol on the steroids forum.

I went off TRT last year after being on for a year and tested fine two months after being totally off. I simply tapered my injections over the course of about 6 weeks if I remember correctly. I hadn’t been using HCG either.

I never crashed or felt bad.

As Ksman said, HCG use while you are on may make some people recover faster once they get off, so you might as well use the HCG you have, but yes in more modest doses.

SERMs, if you can tolerate them, may possibly make some eople recover faster. They also make some people feel really bad and take a month or two to leave your sytem once you stop taking them, so just be aware of that possibility, and that your blood tests won’t give a reliable answer of what your natural levels are until about 3 months (to be safe) after stopping them. Many guys test prematurely and then think PCT recovered them just to have their T levels fall once the SERM leaves their system a few weeks later.