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A Break During 14 Week Cycle?


What are your opinions on a week break during a 14 week cycle? The reason I ask is I workout 3 times a week and play full contact football on Saturdays for this semi-pro team and I am starting to get really worn out. I might even be getting sick. I am at week 9, I might still do arms and traps this week since they are lagging but thats it. Does anyones else ever take a break during cycle or am I screwing myself?


What exactly are you taking? If it is a long estered test like enathate all taking 3 weeks off will do is allow your blood levels to drop very low and you will feel like shit.

If you want to take 3 weeks off you might as well just decide to start your recovery.


You are talking about taking 3 weeks off from lifting and not 3 weeks off of administering injections, correct?

Why did you decide on a 3 week break instead of 2 or 4 week break?


Oops guess I read that wrong.


think he said one week break?


Yeah, carry on using the AAS and take a week off everything for recovery purposes.. depending on the level of overtraining you think you have - some walking or swimming may be in order 3x that week.
If necessary take 10 days.. But make sure to keep using the AAS or the levels will drop.
They will help with recovery too.

Nothing wrong with that.

Dont let AAS get in the way of a decent and sensible approach to training and off periods or (un)planned breaks if necessary.

Better to have planned breaks but that is after a number of years of instinctive training.


Poor comprehension skills.


By all means, if you are worn out, listen to you body and take the time it takes until you feel better off (lifting not AAS). Hopefully not more than 1 week.


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Whats your cycle look like ?

A decent cycle should allow you to easily handle 3 days a week lifting and 1 day of football.

Im going to assume your not eating enough.

If you eat enough and are on gear you can pretty much recover from extremely excessive activity.

Post you approximate diet, your height weight, bodyfat, etc, and your cycle.