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A boot in yo Ass!

I gotta tell you what my friend told me about at the gym the other day. He recently transfered to George Mason University and went to work out at their gym. He walked in and was abruptly stopped by the person working at the time. They told him he cannot work out there with BOOTS!!! WTH?? They did not allow anyone to come into their weightroom with boots on. He refused to lift without em so they kicked em out. This just fuckin blew me away. I asked him " Is their floor carpeted or something? He said " No! its rubber matted just like here". The real kicker is that they wont allow boots but they do allow sandles! What the hell is this? bizarro world? Who here has ever heard of doing a set of deads in freakin sandles?? And this is a University Gym for heavens sake. Anyone else out there come across a gym as wacked out as this place? My T is dying just thinking about it.

 Who the fuck works out in boots?

 You better straighten out your workout clothing needs Glassman. 

 Boots, at the very least, will restrict your range of motion for exercises such as squats and regular deadlift; I assume you never run, but it's worth pointing out it's a no-go, with the exception being if you're training for military service, which most people are not.

 Think about it this way. When you walk into a gym, your clothing should be such that it allows for the best performance and less risk of injury. Boots are not workout equipment simply because you cannot run with them, you cannot achieve your best performance in your squats and deadlifts with them, and they restrict your range of movement somehow.
 Just as jeans are not workout equipment - they restrict movement in your legs, and interfere with lower back and possibly abs exercises.
 Would you do a biceps/triceps workout with a thick leather jacket just because it was cold and it kept you warm?

 Bottom line is boots, jackets, jeans are not workout equipment. They have no place in any gym, just as Biceps curls have no place in a squat rack (althoug many still insist they do)

Yeah, what’s the deal with sandals, anyway? I see several guys in my gym doing this and I just shake my head. I guess it helps explain their physiques.

I’ve actually seen some big damn boys lift in boots. I wouldn’t suggest that they are optimal training attire, but depending on what you’re doing, I don’t see a problem with boots.

I prefer just lifting in a thong. It doesn’t restrict too many movements.

Geez, Jared. My retinas are burning from the inside out.

If that's what it takes for you to get the whole fucking squat go for it Jar - just as long as you dont give me a fucking 1/5th of a squat and proceed to walk with your big ass boots as if you were a member of the armed forces.

I usually work out in hiking boots on my non leg days. That is because I am too lazy to take them after work. I just change my shirt and hit the gym. That is odd not allowing them to wear boots. Whan I was in the Marines the majority of my lifting was done in boots and uts.

That sucks. But then GMU gym is not really that hardcore, so he deserves it for going there!

A former Marine eh? SoloJobber, got any tips to make it through boot camp? How did you like the Marines? I'm about to sign my contract as either Intelligence or Air Crew (hopefully being fitted as crew chief on a UH-1)

How long were you in? What did you do? 

What’s wrong with boots, diesel? Before I invested in a pair of O-lifting shoes, I used to train in boots. They helped me get farther down in my squat (slightly elevated heels), they have hard soles, which is good for stability (much much better than squatting or DL in sneakers), and had added ankle support. Yeah, sounds horrible. Also, there’s nothing wrong with running in boots either. I run with boots in the snow during winter and it’s much more difficult than with sneakers (which is a good thing). One more thing: restricted motion isn’t always so bad. Ask any competative powerlifter this.

And btw, just because someone is in the armed forces does not make them a bad ass. It means they’re in the armed forces. That’s it.


What’s wrong with boots? These are the ones I work out in.

Deisel, Don’t go into boot camp with high expectations. I saw it alot,guys got shell shock and cried like girls to go home. Ahh ya think I am kidding just wait you will see it. Don’t be a pussy and suck it up you will be fine.

Huey CC huh. I have worked on all the helos the corp has to offer even Marine One. I think you would have more fun as a Shitter(ch-53d/e) CrewCheif. But you will work longer hours as a crewcheif.

Jared…lifting in a thong/flip flops…is cool til you drop a weight on your foot or the latest “Mens Health” reader joins the gym and drops a dumbbell on your toe!
Safety first bro!