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A+ Blood Group and Protein


Today one "fitness expert" told me that i shouldn't consume whey protein,because i am A positive blood group,thus i will retain water in my body?What do you think?Hope only people acquainted practically with the topic to comment,thanks.


The Blood Type Diet has emerged once again...

I am a Scorpio, so, according to my horoscope I shouldn't try to get a promotion at work this week.


Blood groups don't work like that. There is no basis in science. Just eat some whey protein and find out how you respond - isn't that the logical thing to do?


I would like to receive exact answer of the question instead of various proposals...of course i will try and check,but there must be absolute opinion on this topic,because as i can see there is definately contradiction among the gurus


seems like a pretty exact answer to me.


As advised above, remove the food/food groups in question for about a month, and see how your body reacts.


Holy bullshit, Batman.

I am A+ as well, have been drinking whey since I was borne. 'Retain water'? Not much more than I need I believe. Have some belief in your body, not in a random 'fitness expert'.