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A Blender I'll Actually Use



I've always had a high quality blender in my kitchen. I was just raised that it's a bodybuilder rule that you can't ignore. Currently I've got a very nice Cuisinart high end model, with oversize glass container, a seperate food processing attachment, and whatever bells and whistles I can't think of at the moment.

The problem though has always been the mess afterward. Sure it's a ton of fun seeing what else I can throw into the container with my Metabolic Drive, but pure practicality (and luckily decent taste) has always led me to just using a shaker bottle and water. Rare summer events will see the blender come out for brief appearances, but afterward, I'm always weighing the pros and cons.

Well, this past weekend, I saw this little Black and Decker model in a Target for $25. The glass containers (comes with 2) hold a little more than 20 oz each. This is great, because I've seen so many of those models on tv that let you "blend n go", but they don't really hold enough liquid in them for any self respecting meat head's purposes. The entire set up barely takes up any counter space, and the time to pop the blender-top, give it a quick rinse, and pop the thermos type cover on in its place is a few seconds at best.

I'm seriously loving this thing. And I did have a few hesitations, thinking it wouldn't be powerful enough to crush ice, or that I'd have to cut a banana up instead of throwing it in whole to be pulverized.... Assuming it doesn't encounter any issues (2 year warranty with it), I'm going to get more than my money's worth this summer. It'll be nice to have blended ice, and whole knows what else in my shakes, to be enjoyed as I'm driving to work in my air conditioned car :slightly_smiling:



I have a ninja and love it. I have a huge container a medium sized one and 3 single serves that are pretty large. Plenty of power and no need to stop and stir on the large containers.


I've had one like that for a couple months now and love it, its the perfect size for protein, milk and some frozen fruit. I always had bad luck with the larger counter tops ones breaking especially the glass cause I drop everything I own.


Also have a ninja and it's excellent. Holds plenty (veggies, fruit, 4 scoops PP, liquid) easily and haven't had any consistency issues. Haven't owned it longhand enough to comment on durability.

So far it gets far more attention than my jug blender ever did.


the mrs has a similar one, but I forget the brand. She makes AMAZING shakes with vanilla whey, a little nut butter, frozen berries, cocoa nibs, almond milk and ice cubes.

I wish I could drink protein shakes or I'd have one of those for breakfast every morning (although I'd use coconut milk instead of almond milk)


When I was single, I didn't really care to leave blender parts all over the kitchen counter after a cleaning, or even just let the giant carafe sit in the sink all day. Obviously I can't do that anymore, so I'm a big fan of the small amount of space items like this require .

I also picked up a very inexpensive and basic 12 cup coffee pot (I'm a French Press guy normally, with my gourmet beans and all -lol), so I'm looking forward to using iced coffee instead of water to blend my Metabolic Drive as I run out the door each morning during the usually uncomfortable NY summer days.

It really is the little things in life sometimes :slight_smile:



Out of curiosity, why can't you drink protein shakes? Health reasons?


stomach can't handle them. Gets a little unpleasant for everyone in my company


We actually ended up getting a Ninja Auto-IQ after first getting interested in the "individual blender cup" idea from seeing some Robert Irvine thing on the Home Shopping Network. The one we got came with (I think) 18, 24, and 32-ounce cups and is great for blending anything - frozen or fresh fruits and veg, ice, powder, whatever.

It just seems so much more convenient to use, and we're pretty sure it's why the kiddo over here went from 130-something to 140-something in a month. He was making daily ice cream "smoothies" that he'd never bothered to make with the regular big blender.

Dude, you can cold brew coffee in a French press. Throw in the ground coffee, add cold water, put the top on and toss it in the fridge with the plunger up. Let it sit in the fridge overnight (so like 8+ hours), then in the morning take it out, hit the plunger down like normal, and pour awesomely-cold fresh coffee. :slightly_smiling:


I cannot stress how good "cold press" coffee is. Do what Chris says - I do 3 days though :stuck_out_tongue:


This topic should actually be: what are the best smoothies I could do home made in order to enjoy life to the fullest


Yeah, but it's a volume thing. My press can only make enough for me and my Giant Stitch/Experiment 626 20 oz coffee mug. :smiley:



Just want to report that I got one of these based on this thread and am loving it. I can't believe I went all these years without adding peanut butter to protein shakes (due to just having a shaker bottle). So delicious!


a game changer indeed.


See?!!! I know I sound like an ad, but it;'s just sooooo easy! I actually bought a couple of extra container/cups because I use this multiple times a day when I don't feel like making a meal.