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A Blast from the Past

With ever increasing traffic here and my age, just turned 70, moving into a new home doing reno and fixing old and selling the old house…

After 10 years here I simply could not carry on. Some individuals offering hostility was not helpful, or perhaps it actually was. The death of my father, vital to 101 years, did seem to be punctuation.

Meanwhile the new house has a very large gym with 1/2" rubber flooring I am stronger now then ever in youth. T and hGH takes me past my genetics.

I will not engage in any more hormone support here. But engage with a few in real life.

I do regret that this forum was not a knowledge base that could be extensely built up. As a forum, contributions large and small mostly slide off the screen. I touched many lives all around the world and I am glad that I was able to help so many navigate the technical aspects and medical/institutional ignorance. Hopefully my influence echos down through other individuals here. Quality of life is the goal.

I still meet people and after a glance, tell them that they may have an iodine or thyroid function problem. I am a standing joke with those who know me. Many here are rolling the eyes.

I hope that the forum is working well for everyone. It is the best in the world. I of course cannot go down the rabbit hole to really see how it is working now.

So good night and good luck. (Many here are too young to key into that phrase.)

Best wishes, -KSman


Thank you so much KSman
good luck from France

KSMan - I’m in Wichita - would love to meet you and ask you a few questions. Any chance that could happen?

Cheers, KSMan!

KSMan, KNB here. If you are still around please respond to me, I turned 60 in February and boy is life different.

He’s long gone, and for good reason. Lots of terrible advice.

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Yeah he’s gone, but there are a lot of knowledgeable people here, start up a new thread and ask your question(s), you should get some good advice.