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A Blank Check (Sort of) to Build Gym

Some background: The gym I go to is more of a family oriented gym. I’ve known the owners for some time now, and support them because of their support to the community and the youth sports programs as I was growing up. That being said it’s not a gym of the hardcore variety. It’s got the basics, but nothing fancy. The average member of the gym is the cardio/machine type.

This year however it seems that they’re set for cardio equipment (they have a yearly budget) I’m always playfully busting balls on them ignoring “our” side of the gym and not getting anything new for those of us that lift. They’ve called my bluff however and have asked for a list. Thing is other than a few things I’m coming up blank.

The question: Given that all your basic lifting needs are being met at your gym, if you could have them purchase a few must have unique pieces what would it be? I have expressed an interest in a glute ham raise machine, and or a reverse hyper. I make due on the GHR with a setup I came up with, but would like a proper one.

I’ve also asked for little things like Blast Straps, Bands, and chains. A few different bars like a thick bar, one of those yoke bars, and a football bar (I think that’s the name of it)

I’m just wondering if there is something that I’m missing. Realize that we’re somewhat on a budget here as I don’t think they want to go drop 30k on equipment. I’m guessing with what they’ve purchased in the past they’re looking at the 5-10k mark at the absolute most.

I would expand the weight area in my gym, add a DL platform, add an additional power cage, and get some new bars - ours are pretty old and smooth. I would also get a sled.

I think you need to ask yourself: What would I put in my dream gym? Me, besides all the basics, I’d want an oly platform and bumper plates. The sled’s a good idea; some sledgehammers and kettlebells; some good ole’ tractor tires…and some bikini models to slap the straps on my knees for me…

Well I have no dilemma in what I’d put in my gym, but again I’m trying to keep in mind a modest budget. I’ve actually started my collection already of things for when I buy a bigger house. The sled will probably be my purchase in the spring. I also swing a sledge for work occasionally, and I’ve got several Front end Loader tires out at my shop already. I know some of the guys that work out there would like these things, there isn’t enough land outside of the gym to really give them the room to.

I’m probably not giving the gym enough credit after rereading my initial post. It’s not really a salon or hotel fitness center. It’s got pretty much everything vanilla that one would need, 3 benches, a good power rack, incline bench, dumb bells up to 100#, cable row, pulldown, assorted machines, boxes, leg press, calf raise, hack squat, assorted boxes, and platforms.

I’ve added kettlebells, a DL platform, and bumper plates to the list, those should all be doable and are great ideas. I don’t know why I didn’t think of them before.

bigger dumbbells?

I got pretty much all I need in my apartment. Squat rack, power tower, flat bench, incline bench, assorted home made dummbell handles, heavy fuck sandbag, 40 lb. weight vest.

All I need is for Ann Marie Rios to be spread out on the floor, in various poses, egging me on while I am working out. She could towel off my balls too. And get me water. And I would drink it. From her ass.

How much would that cost?

I’ll be getting my weight vest in a week!! Hopefully.

My ex is supposed to send it to me, but she’s a bit flaky … no, her skin does not flake off, she’s just … let’s just say she’s not the sharpest crayon in the glass house.

lots of dumbells

Sounds like you don’t really ‘need’ anything. The things you listed would be nice but I really don’t think they are necessary and couldn’t see many people using them.

dumbells you can use plates with. reverse hyper, glute ham, hammer strength machines (hack squat, row, chest press in particular).