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A Black Republican vs CAIR


Allen West is my new hero!


Awesome video! Too bad it's "Racist!" somehow.


That guy sounds like everything Obama isn't. It's about fucking time someone told it like it is. Dude got PWNED.


All I could understand was "DON"T BLOW SUNSHINE UP MY BUT " and at the end him telling the guy "TO LEAVE"
or did I listen to the wrong ?


wow. this dude for president.


Oh, I understand I'll search for a link for our mentally "Challenged" members here :wink:

-CAIR GUY Says "you told marines that Isalm teaches us to kill Americans.....where in Koran does it say kill Americans?"
-Hero Says Fuck you man, brings out historical references to the koran and Muslim jihad efforts throughout history... and shows understanding of their Prophet muhammed....brings up 9-11 and Ft Hood as relates to Islam, and explains that he fought FOR Muslims when on the battlefield.
-Cair Guys says he's embarrassed for all of us....
-Hero says "Were embarrassed for you too".


We need a politician with some balls, and some brains...for too long we have had neither or just one or the other.

I know nothing about this West guy...but he now has got my attention and I'll so some searching.

thanks for posting.


When I was in the military, I remember the day that we flew in the General to meet Col. West after his incident that happened which cause him to resign. I can clearly remember talking to one of his soldiers in his battalion telling me how everyone loved this guy, saying how much he cared for his men. All I can say is that General Ray Odierno was his Commander and he had nothing but supreme respect for this man.
Shit, this man makes you wanna run through a brick wall.
Pitbull quit shoving stuff up your arse, its making you dumber and dumber.


West is a fundamentalist "Christian" nut (the word "Christian" used very loosely here because West's "Christian" beliefs bare little resemblance to what Christians believed for about the first 1500 years of Christianity).

No thanks.


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And this has what to do with this thread? Will you tolerate a radical Islamic fundamentalist more than an American radical Christian? Really?


Think Zeb will get behind this guy for President? ; ]


It was very Chris Christie-like.


Chris Christie is one of a few governors who get it. It's too bad that people will ream him for his weight, otherwise he could be a strong GOP candidate for 2012.


This guy sounds like a hard-liner, I bet if he runs for President and wins he'll attack Iran after one from his inauguration.


He voted to keep the patriot act, he may be a good man but he is a piece of shit rep.


I say no radical religious zealot belongs in a position of authority in my country. That said, the guy makes a number of good points and seems to have a magnetic charisma.

In the end, though, the Koran is not unlike the Old Testament in that it can be interpreted in many ways. There are enough violent passages in the Judeo-Christian canon to justify the same sort of religious wars currently being waged by Jihadists. Praise must go to the millions of Christians and Jews that choose to ignore the vitriol and instead value nonviolent aspects of their religious dogmas. The same can be said for Muslims, many of whom are peaceful.


How is he a good man?
He used to be in the military providing direct personal motivation for Muslims to be violent.
The only thing that's changed is he now also provides the funding in part through congress.
Summary of the conversation in the video:
Muslim psuedo-bureaucrat: "Where is the order to do Volience against Americans in the Koran? I don't see it."
Allen West: "Really? Well lemme make sure you find it so that my career motivating and funding Muslims to act on it doesn't go to waste."


Actually no. Christians are not bound to the law of the old testament. The new testament is the "contract" between Christians and god. And the new testament and it's examples are nothing like either the violence of the Koran or the old testament.

But either way all major schools of Christianity AND Judaism have rejected the violence and preach against it. The biggest difference is in the teaching.


Let's keep something in mind. No one single candidate will be perfect. There will be some positions that we do not agree with, and that goes with any candidate for either party. But he has a strength and seems pretty genuine, something many of our past presidents have not had. Let's face it, those who were elected in the past were not of the most upstanding moral character, but we knew where they stood.

Gore was shady, so was Kerry, that is a main reason why they weren't elected. Obama promised changed and most people bought into it. He came across as "one of us," and most people were pissed at Bush and Republicans. This guy could be using the same strategy as Obama did (one of being a genuine guy who "got it.")

Now, if he were elected, could he stay true to his convictions? No one knows, not right now at least. We could look at his past decisions, his military experience and record, and make some kind of guess about him.

It is still too early to tell about him, but from the video, he shows some strong qualities. Most notably, one of lack of political correctness, and calling it like it is. Some good signs from him so far, let's see some more from him before we jump to conclusions.