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A Bit Overweight & Want to Achieve a Swimmer Build

Hello all.

I’m a newbie and I am seriously considering into getting fit.
I am 5’5 weigh 160 lbs.
This will be my 2nd attempt to sculpt my entire body.
I just don’t know where to start.

Any input is greatly appreciated,



OK well what should I take to prevent From becoming a hassle?

Swim and suck it up?

If I was after a swimmers physique I would

  1. Swim 3-6 times a week. Varying distances and intensities.
  2. Lift twice a week. One session doing progressively heavier compound lifts. The other session focusing on explosive lifting and speed work.
  3. Eat at just above maintenance in order to gain lean body mass (muscle), making sure to eat cleanly with lots of vegetables to keep fat gains at a minimum.
  4. Reassess after 3months to see if I am on my way to achieving my goals.
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Look guys I’m clinically depressed. On top of that I’m kicking a nasty habit-H.
Going 2 weeks clean.

I want to seriously replace that habit with a healthier one.
It has not been easy dealing with these withdrawals. The worst part is over. However, I have no ENERGY.

how do I get it back when I do my best to walk, feeling like a ton?

Thank you for your very informative advice.

  1. Set time goals for various strokes and distances.

  2. Train to meet those goals.

  3. Meet those goals

  4. Repeat.


Thank you

Damn, congrats stay strong.

This is a good start. Can swim on say 2-3 of the off days(have one whole day off excercise)…

Presumably your mineral levels are shot to shit so get ZMA, a good quality Greens supp and some Vit D3

As Im sure you’re fully aware going to want to keep cleaning up the body for many months to come. Good tips below. Read up some Dan John articles also -have a lot on boosting general health…

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I knew an aikido student who was trying to quit smoking. Whenever his teacher smelled cigs on his breath, he became the fall guy for the entire class to practice throws. Now he’s a black belt.

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