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A Bit of a Result

I thought this was the best place to post this, hopefully some of you will apprieciate it.

In the last year, i’ve lost about 125lb, lifting and eating ‘properly’. Bit hit or miss at the start, but i’ve worked it out and read loads of info. This post isn’t about me.

Its about my younger sister.

She could stand to lose about 70-80lbs by her own admission, she stands about 220-230, I havent asked her this week. When she got back from uni, she was piggy backing to the gym with me, doing some cardio and trying to eat better. I started her out on baby steps, we tried the straight to low carb, high protein stuff before, and it freaked her out, she’s a bit like me, needs to take her time and do her own research.

I obviously pointed her to here, Figure Athlete and some other good places on the net with regards to female weight training and how it wont get her big and bulky. She’s decided that training with weights works and that she’s ready to give it a go.

Took her to the gym yesterday, to teach her some basics, such as bench, squatting and deadlifting. Just gave her a 45lb fixed BB to learn deads with, to get her form right. Straight out of the box she had it down, which suprised me in itself.

The best part of the workout happens now…

Behind where we found the floor space to DL, there were some typical curl jockeys doing cable crossover stuff with about 5lbs a side, flexing after each set and generally being a shower of dicks.

At the end of my sets, I was stripping the bar, but left two 55lb plates on the end of the bar, for a 70kg total and said to my sister

“See if you can lift that, I reckon you can easily”
“I’m not sure I can”
“If it stays on the ground, so be it, you wont know until you try”
“I dont know”
whisper"The guys behind you cant deadlift 50kg"

Straight over to the fucking bar, set up and pulled it straight up, perfect technique and stood there at lock out, looking so proud of herself, so proud the bar wobbled a bit as she was so excited/suprised that it was up there!

Then I heard it

Curl Jockey - “Oh shit, did you just see that?!”
Curl Jockey 2 mumbles

The bar came down, little high five, put stuff away and we moved on! The look on the faces of the twats in the cable station were priceless, the look on my sisters face was even better.

Showed her some more stuff in the workout, and all evening she was psudo flexing at me, saying how she enjoyed lifting so much more than cardio and that she just wants to lift weights! Apparently when she couldnt sleep last night, she was reading articles on here about female training!

Unbelievable pride. Sure its not the heaviest weight, but seeing that spark in her eyes and the pride at being decent at something physical was all worth it!

Awesome story.

I call BS. Where do you find 55 lb plates?

j/k about the BS, cool story


[quote]sidewalkdances wrote:
being a shower of dicks.[/quote]

i’m stealing this phrase.

I just came.

[quote]Itchy wrote:
I just came.[/quote]

Sorry. Seriously, good for her.

[quote]jehovasfitness wrote:
I call BS. Where do you find 55 lb plates?

j/k about the BS, cool story[/quote]

UK gym, 25kg=55lb!

I just got this text from her.

“Just looked in the uni gym, no squat rack…”