A Biotest Import Question...

Hello there… going on holiday with the lads to florida in march for two weeks, cant bloody wait, but was going to get a load of Biotest supps posted to legacy park where we are staying… then if i walk through customs your end and my end with it all in my suitcase, i am assuming that no charge will be incurred? is this the case? i know that i have the option of ‘nothing to declare’ or ‘something to declare’ when walking through customs but just wondered what the rest of you thought…



come on guys and gals? anyone have any ideas or thoughts?!

I believe if you have opened them, they become “personal use” items and were free, the last time I crossed an international border. So I would order the large containers of what I wanted, and would start using them while in the states. When you hit customs, you can reort only personal use items.

hmmm anyone heard of this method of opening them and claiming i am using them already?!

A lady friend purchased some clothing. We were told she had to try them on to ‘wear them’ and they would be considered personal in-use property. That is exactly what we told the Agent when we re entered the US>

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i will feel brave enough, just the fact that it will be with 8 other blokes!!! haha… i will have nothing to declare anyway if everything is opened!!! :wink: