A BIG thank you

thanks to everyone who has been lending me their advice and time over the past few months. I took the FDNY physical test today and to quote my moderator I “tore the test a new asshole”. So thanks to everyone, and thanks to meltdown training! you shrank my damn arms but I outlasted every guy there, in fact while everyone else was puking I was shadow boxing because I was damned pumped and happy. Thanks to all!!!

This test is supposedly one of the hardest physicals in the country and for the fact that I tore through it with a smile on my face…goddamn all of a sudden I have self confidence again…thank you

Thank you for giving the credit where it is due.

It wouldna hurt to show your little appreciation there a little earlier would it.

Needless to say, I was kidding lol.

Well done!

Congrats on reaching your goal!

Great job and congratulations!

Quite an acheivement. Congratulations.

Congrats! Now go out and save someone else!!!


Congratulations on doing so well! Now do me a favor and never let yourself get out of condition (to far out that is)

Great Job!

Way to go, Bud.