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A BIG Question


I am 16-17 years old male.
I am currently trying to get huge and strong like a bull (see avatar :))
I was doing very well with 3x10 splits (beginner-like) but now I got more into serious weightlifting (generally) and as i said above my interests are not only big muscles but strength and power.
So here comes the question: The body adapts to almost all kinds of situations. So if I overdo it (6x5, with 4-5 exercises, full body like but with emphasizing on differerent parts every time), and train everyday (actually 2 non consecutive days rest only) won't my body adapt to this situation and get bigger and stronger? Like a bull that needs to be strong everyday(As you can imagine I am obsessed with this animal)

I am training with weights at home so exercises will include heavy pendlay rows, hack squats, deadlift split squats, deadlifts of course, upright rows, cheat curls, DB floor press, weighted pushups, military presses, and some others. (front squats after clean, skull crushers, etc)

(I have been training for 2 years, last six months I adopted heavy-style training)

What's your opinion?
Thank you


I believe you can work up to a ton of training but you have to work up to it.

This article is one of the more extreme ones i read. CT's stuff is very good too if you want to train a ton.



Thank you, this is too close to what I was looking for! Almost exactly what I wanted!


This thread made me laugh a lot. Thank you for that.

As for your question you sound like a newb with "2 years" of messing about with weights not really training.

For that reason I highly recommend you follow a basic tried & tested program before getting carried away.

Your physiology is nothing like a bull. Do what works for human bodybuilders.