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A Big Problem?

Okay guys, Well its summer time and summer training makes winter champs, at least that’s our slogan for wrestling :).

Recently I have started a cutting regimen. Normally I take in about 2300calories. This is at a weight of about 155lbs. Generally I train once a day. Recently (for 2-3days now…as probably for the rest of the summer) I’ll be training twice a day (wrestling, running, weights, explsoive work, etc).

My idiot self never took time to stop and think (i just recently started logging cals) that maybe 2300 cals was too little. I am now training twice a day /w HOT-ROX (i will be posting a log in a bit as detailed as i can with all my training and plans) and realized I probably need to up my cals to about 3000.

So right now I am terrified of any weight gain (just weighed at 71.3kg) and plan on wrestling 65-66kg next yr, my initial goal was 5-10lbs of fat loss which would make my cutting so much easier. Even if I weigh 75kg, ill be wrestling 65. So im a lil unsure on how high my cals should be?

-156lbs, training twice a day
-using HOT-ROX, currently 1cap twice daily
-currently 2 weight lifting sessions a week comprising of heavy deadlifts, squats, etc., thinking of adding an additional one and getting rid of cardio.