A Big Overhaul

I’ve posted a few threads already asking for specific advice but I thought i’d lump what i’m doing into one thread and keep it updated as time goes on.

This might be a long one, but bear with me! By the way, i’m UK based so that might make some difference to some people.

A potted history of the last 5 years to date,16- 21 years old.

At school, did ok, wasnt super fit but wasnt fat. Had girls, amazing social life, well into music and promoting bands/shows. Started drinking around this time properly. Got to about 16 and a half and found my first job under the Golden Arches. Went from about 190lbs to about 250 in the next two years. Hit 18, decided to do something about my weight. Crash dieted down to about 225, could keep up with it, weight crept back on. Still just about scoring some chicks, still good social.

Started uni and about 2 months in, my Dad passes on. Holy shit. I start inhaling food at a crazy weight. I reckon an average day I was smashing down about 7000kcals before booze, maybe 10-12,000 on a bad day! Literally everything was double portions, fried, covered in cheese, washed down with full fat soda.

Stopped scoring with chicks, became a bit introverted really. Made excuses when my pal Jack tried to coax me over to the gym. Carried on playing rugby, but without a formal coach I let myself get pretty lax on training, would just turn up to pant round a game and feel like I was going to pass out come scrum time.

Weight kept on shooting up, I just couldnt see it. Before I knew it, I was 330lbs, struggling to do simple things like tie my shoes without sweating. Walking time bomb. Kept this up over the course of about another year, basically to May last year. In May I decided enough was enough, and that I had to do something about my situation, started half assed going to the gym and eating a bit better.

Came home for summer vacation, got offered a chance to work back at my old school for a year on work placement for my course. Decided this would be the kick up the ass that I needed for the start of my transformation.

Went into the gym on that first day and starting fapping away like a mad man. But anything was better than nothing. A few mins on the elipitical made me feel like I was going to hurl. Bad times. As I went on I started reading a bit more, getting the opinions of personal trainers down the gym. Found a guy who i’ve known for a few years, really knows his stuff, has been known to visit T-Nation on occasion.

So where are we today. Ditched split routines, for a full body session 3 days a week, with two cardio days. The best part so far…

I’ve lost 80+lbs! Now sitting at about 250lbs, still around 30% bf, but its all going in the right direction. Target probably needs to be sub 200, i’ve got access to free body fat testing at the gym, and whilst I know electrical impedance testing isnt brilliant, as long as it shows a downward trend right?

My current diet is

Breakfast-Protein Shake and 2 eggs (beaten then microwaved) 2xFlameout.
Mid Am-Half a tin of tuna and cucumber
Lunch-150-200g chicken salad, dressed with EVOO
Mid PM-Half Tin of Tuna and cucumber
Post Workout-Protein Shake
Dinner (usually within an hour of training)-Chicken/Fish/Steak w/salad and small (golf ball sized) jacket/baked potato. 2x Flameout
Mid Eve-20g Almonds (thinking of bopping a protein shake in there as well)

Protein used are Maximuscle Promax Diet (still have quite a stock of that) for breakfast and Reflex Peptide Fusion (basically 33/33/33 split of whey, casien and egg white). Have used Maximuscle Thermobol but I dont think it was all that good.

I have a bottle of HRX for use at a later date, 2 bottles of BCAA’s on the way and 2 more Flameout.

Training is (M,W,F)

Squat 5x5 or 3x10 with lighter weight on DL day
Deadlift 5x5 (every other session)
Dips (body weight) 3xF
Inverted Rows (Fat man pull ups)-3x10
Shoulder Press 5x5
Bench Press 5x5
Bent Over Row 5x5

Have recently ditched direct arm work and side raises. Do a stop of HIIT on Tues and Sat. Rest on Thurs and Sun

I’ve been keeping a blog on Mens Health UK (started before I found TN) which is at http://www.menshealth.co.uk/chatroom/topic/332083 - I update that about once a week, maybe more some weeks. Gives a bit more detailed over view on what i’ve tried and failed with, whats worked and all that yoke. So if you want a bit of an extra read, its all there.

So no opinions at all??

If you’re def training only 3 times a day…

I would pick either 6 or 9 exercises, and do something like:

Monday - Squats, Rows, Bench Press

Wednesday - Deadlift, Pull-ups, Dips

Friday - either repeat Monday, or Good Mornings, Front Squats, Incline DB Press, and a back exercise… Actually, screw it, just do Monday.

Monday 2 - repeat Wednesday

And just do HIIT work whenever you have the energy and time, and if you’re lacking in energy, just go for long walks.

As for food, lose that damn potato in the evening and have some lean protein with EVERY MEAL.

Also, you’re eating next to nothing. Half a tin of tuna? WTF is that? Eat more to lose more.

Right, the potato has gone. I’ve replaced it with roasted veggies in chili infused olive oil. In the morning i’ve added a slice of wholemeal toast, for some slow release carbs,

I’m honestly stuggling to add food, well specifically the right foods. That diet comes out around 1800/1900kcals per day, nearly 250g of protein, plenty of good dietary fat, minimal carbs (which I had to add to take me from 1400 on my original plan when I reduced carbs…) I dont know if it was a misread, but I eat a whole tin of tuna over my two daytime ‘snacks’. The salad is huge in volume, but pretty low cal except for the chicken

Whilst i’m weary of having too many shakes in a day, I think I could use one in the evening with my almonds. That would give me an extra 250kcals a day.

For another reference point, I had a week away from the gym, still did some NEPA stuff I suppose, but had a few niggles (aductor muscle was hurting for squats, no energy at all) so did the right thing and took 5 days. Still managed to lose 1lb. So i’m probably eating just under maintainence I would have thought.