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A Big Nutritional Dope Sack


Hello, I need some help with my proposed nutritional regime

Goals: get big, as simple as that.

I'm a student, so I'm trying for a simple diet that can help me bulk up (I'm 200lb, 14%bf), and one that is within my food budget.

Here goes:

Meal 1 (breakfast): Bran cereal, 3 eggs

Meal 2 (brunch):Tuna (130g tin,about 40g protein) and rice, apple

Meal 3 (lunch): Chicken breast (about 45g protein), tin of baked beans (low fat)

Meal 4 (linner): Peanut butter sandwich, 1/8 cup of raisins/mixed nuts

Meal 5 (dinner): Chicken breast, selection of vegetables (potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, etc, input valued)

Meal 6 (evening meal): Not sure, but would have to be a 'before bed' meal. I'm thinking peanuts/almonds, with some extra protein food like meat).

Of course, alcohol is pretty much off the menu, except for the odd pint/swig of vodka. I may try and have three things a week so I'm not an unsocial person at Uni, say 3 points, one meal being one point, one or two beers a point, and getting drunk two or three points, though I'm guessing people would say getting drunk is a bad idea when weight training).

Also, I noticed at the supermarket 400g (probably about 100g of protein, cant remember the exact figures, and the tins are really cheap, so its good for me) tins of tuna, would it be safe (health wise) to eat a tin of 400g, instead of the 130g tin, as stated in meal 2.

All input greatly recieved, as I want to nail this properly on the head, having spent the last 1.5 hours reading articles on here and bodybuilding.com, I have done some research into the foods, I just want the opinion of others on my meal plan.


Looks ok looks like not much food and hey your truing to add weight you can dirty it up a bit bro. You dont have to be anal about the "clean " foods so much if you eat 90% and let loose a bit youll be better then 99% of the world.

Yes on the tuna I used to buy it in the 5lb can during college. ya do what ya gotta

Try this if it aint working add some more food how ever and what ever you can get your hands on and afford



Thanks, something I have noticed is that there is no correct answer, and that it depends on the person. I shall take your advice Phill, give this a go, and see what happens. Thanks.

'Bulk for the bulk god'