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A Better Life

â??It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.â?? - Marcus Aurelius

I’m an unmotivated 19 year old UK Univeristy student who has been coasting his entire life. All through school i’ve academically coasted my way through, coming out with decent grades that I honestly didn’t deserve. I wasted time in the gym despite the facilities that were avaliable to me…And now for the past year and a half at university i’ve skipped lectures, skipped training and as a result my relationship is going to shit due to my lack of work ethic, my grades are slipping and my sports team are 1-2 and looking to go 1-7 if we don’t get our act together. I’ve spent unthinkable amounts of time on the internet looking at motivational videos etc and becoming stuck dreaming of a better life without going and actually making one happen…and i’m sick and tired of going to bed each night full of regret.

This blog is where i’m going to document myself not just getting my training back on track, but the rest of my life aswell. Hope you will enjoy following my journey from ordinary to extraordinary.

Starting stats
Height - 6ft 2
Weight -78kg (172lb)

All-time pbs
Squat (parallel) - 110kg (242lb)
Deadlift - 150kg (330lb)
Bench press (regular) - 95kg (209lb)
Power clean - 90kg (198lb
Snatch - 50kg (110lb)
Military Press - 65kg (143lb)

You really look like you’re not enjoying training mate.Just find a routine you like and have fun moving some heavy shit.Even now you are stronger than most 72 kg guys

Mate, those lifts look pretty solid all things considered. You’ll look back at University life and there will be plenty of things you wished you did - this is THE time to get yourself sorted in all speheres of life, especially training, whilst you can ‘afford’ to sleep 10hrs per day, eat plenty and train when you need to, not when you have to.

The grass is always greener on the other side…