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A Bench Press Layer

Hello Ct,

I could need a short tip of you. I use Westside now for 4 weeks and realize I need to change a few things. My “lower body” progresses however my bench doesn’t work with max effort and dynamic effort.  I think the key for me is a 
1.) heavy benching (90% +)
2.) lots of benching 
3.) very strong eccentric strength!!

I will change my max effort bench day to a layer bench system day and my speed bench day to repetition / volume day. In the layer bench system I want to increase my eccentric strenght, bench a lot, bench with heavy weights.

My layer will be :
-plyo push up 5*3

-bench 1 RM ramp
-90% 5sec eccentric cluster 20sec rest between reps , 3 setsÂ

  • 80% 5*3  with a controlled eccentricÂ

-assistance exercise (maybe back or a push exercise)

Is that a good layer for my goal? 
Thanks in advance CT!