A Beginner's Point of View

Hi everyone,

I have been doing rippetoes for 9 weeks now, and thougt it was time to change my program. Because my goals are to have maximum potential strength per gram of muscle at any point in time whilst I’m training for hypertrophy (I’m a breakdancer and sprinter, both which need high stability or high power per weight = high strength).
From the looks of things I was going to swap to Waterbury’s 3x10 for a few months and then do some EDT. If I am doing something wrong tell me :wink:

As far as a beginner’s POV, some advice for those out there reading the forums, there is no better time to start than now! I see alot of people with 4 posts on their profile greeting the community with “Hi, I’m a long time reader and have just decided to start, btw T-Nation rocks!..” or some rubbish like that. Im sure some of the ‘locals’ like stuward, shultzie and contl could tell u even more about seeing things like that.

I dont want people to use “I dont know enough to start” as an excuse. Now, ofcourse you might feel kaffafled a bit by the immense information, I did at first, but by the second week in I had read Im sure could only be HALF the nutrition advice articles and they ALL said pretty much the same thing. Eat untill you are going to burst, do that 8 times a day, and then train your stomache to double (or triple if you are a skinny bastard) the amount of food you can eat.

Go to the gym a minimum 3 times a week, and stick to a training program for 8 weeks. Now, If you really ARE a ‘long time reader’ you should know that you only grow outside the gym, but you will grow even less if you didnt go to the gym in the first place! So GET out THERE and I want to see 10 more posts from those “hidden” people out there in the next 10 days!

My 2 cents on eating (im a skinny bastard, 17 and started at 135lb, now 155) I KNOW that half of the weight I gained was fat, but as i gained more fat i was exctatic to find that I infact do Not look any fatter because the muscle growth underneath is so big that relative to my overall body size im simply what I was before just bigger.

Now, I have had exams coming up the last 2 weeks, and I sometimes miss meals - let me tell you DO NOT MISS MEALS IF YOU CAN HELP IT. As a skinny bastard I instantly get sore from my lack of protein and probably carbs too, I cannot recover - nutrition is MORE important than going to the gym, because the gym is reliant on nutrition, but nutrition doesnt rely on the gym!

The whole point of this article is to get people going - its all good to read, but its even better to read in between your ‘get going’. Real begginners, read the first 4 articles on nutrition in the “are you a beginner?” sticky, and read ONE of the training programs, whichever ‘sounds coolest’, then get going!! there is no need to read more than that to get going, and just remember to read this site from then on inbetween going to the gym (your REAL spare time, gym is no longer spare time), and you will learn enough in your own time.

Use the ‘search’ button if you want to learn something specific, but other than that, just go with the flow and if you learn something new, apply it, if you learn a new program do NOT do it untill you have finished 8 weeks of the one you are already on.

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

You stopped growing stronger in the program?
ifthe answer is yes, which i doubt, then you change.
Maybe if the answer is yes you make sure you are eating enough calories to support growth.
The size doesnt come from changing rep/set parameters. The size comes from food and from finding what works for you and using it until it works no more.