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A Beginner's Bulk Cycle?


HI i am 183 pounds and 6 Ft tall i am trying to reach my goal weight of 220 pounds of cut lean muscle, i am pretty lean right now and have a good build %10 body fat

i have own but am not taking the following...

.trenbolone Acetate 35 Ml
.Testosterone Propionate 40 ML

i have access to any other STEROIDS i want as well

i have never taken injectables and im looking to Bulk up on my mass 1st

ive only taken Trenn X-treme once and gained 17 pounds

what is a good beginners cycle and post cycle for me, as well as everything i am going to need to take with it ???


You started taking prohormones weighing 166 lbs at 6'? And your goal is to mass build? You can't be serious. Have you tried, y'know, hard work and food? Maybe creatine, supplemental protein, or a multivitamin?


yEaH I hAvE I hIt A platue...I've bEeN training aLmOsT 2 years


If you're not a troll, you'd damn well better stop acting like one if you expect to receive any help.


At 185lbs you haven't hit a plateau, you've just forgot to eat 500 extra calories per day for the past few months. Common mistake, happens to a lot of people. Don't sweat it.

And about your question about a good beginner cycle and PCT. There are stickied threads that were created JUST FOR YOU. Read them, because it would be rude to ignore threads that were made specifically for you.

Stop typing like a jackass, no excuses necessary, just stop.