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A Beginner Suggestion

I like people to come up with the answer by actually reading, but your answer was good.

Do not deviate from the principales, and you will be fine.

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Thanks fellas.

Just ran across the 2x a week training log I was talking about. Maybe take a look at it for ideas.

I just saw I was quoted here, I am actually running 531 on 3 days a week now but I did one cycle on two days a week at the start.

I was a bit all over the place before I received some help, as you’ll see in the thread.

Lifting twice a week is great: I found that recovery was easy and I could focus on running/swiming a bit more than 3 days.

Hey bud,
Im actually intending to do something similar, so Ill follow your log for inspiration/tips. Kudos !

Quick question, what was your diet like ? DId you eat a bulking diet ? I guess no, since you did running/swimming, your grocery bills would go through the roof…
Did ur strength still go up with so much cardio ?

My strength is definitely going up, maybe not as fast as it could be optimally but I’m enjoying the process. I always hit rep PR’s unless I was sick.

I eat a lot, but I always have because of my endurance background. I cycle every day to uni (40-45 min on the bike in total).
I run an interval session once a week and swim once a week now because I’m focusing on strength and I can’t do everything.

I don’t think cardio hinders my progress, to me it’s important to still be able to run at a certain speed. I don’t want to be either amazing at lifting, running or swimming, but have overall fitness. When I’ll want to focus again on endurance, I’ll switch to two days of lifting a week and add a cardio session.

I eat a lot of basic things that are cheap: eggs, rice (white and brown), pasta, sweet and normal potatoes, oats, peanut butter, milk (1L-1.5L a day), tons of fruits and veggies. I don’t eat sweet things with processed sugar, in general. I have one scoop of proteins on the days I work out.

I get my fats from eggs, olive and coconut oil, peanut butter. I don’t count calories cause I don’t have time for that, I eat as much as I’m hungry and then eat a bit more.

If you’re not doing as much cardio cut down the carbs but keep a good portions of them, they’re important. I know that if I don’t eat properly for a few days, I will feel weaker/slower during training.

Any “grey pubes” (not beginners) ran with this format i.e. 3 x week?

Sort of looks like it might also be suitable for a twice weekly (A + B workouts) routine, allowing plenty of time for recovery?


How should start? I am 30 and 110lbs very skinny with low appetite in foods.

First find a way to increase your appetite. Weight training helps with this.