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A Beginner Once Again

Age: 20
Height: 5’10
Weight: 170
Goal: Mass

Hello fellow t-nation readers. As an avid lifter in high school and beginning of college I weighed 190-200lb and my 1rm for bench: 265, squat: 335, deadlift: 415. I was never very lean but never wanted to be. After hitting a 415 deadlift back in January, I guess I got complacent with my physical attributes and stopped taking lifting seriously…that and working full time killed me since I was still going to school full time. My schedule hasn’t changed; still full time worker, student, and active citizen in the local community.

I am looking to gain some muscle since I lost around 25lb due to poor diet and inactivity in the gym. Is there a plan anyone would recommend? After a quick search today, I’ve been eye balling https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/lift-3-days-a-week-and-grow. All advice, comments, criticism, and jokes would be appreciated.

PS: At this point my priority is hypertrophy, not strength. My job is extremely laborious and don’t want to exert myself too much with a high RPE.

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Honestly, it seems like you got it more or less figured out.

Get on a program that is hypertrophy oriented.
Eat more.

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Yeah do that program, it works. If doing a demanding job/physical? job one or two days a week really push the calories like 1000+ more than normal
Perfect world do this…

not so perfect/ real world do “hour of power”…

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