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A Beginner on the Anabolic Diet

The people (well, just administrator) over there at lowcarbmuscle, constantly bring up the idea that ketosis, and ketogenic diets are not as effective for hypertrophy and are greatly catabolic when in a calorie deficit. I’ve read Dr. D’s Anabolic Diet (and plan to purchase his Metabolic Diet soon, as I’ve heard he made some revisions, because if anything, the AD confused me more than giving me answers).

I’m trying to bulk up, and as Dr. D’ suggests, even lose some BF whilst gaining muscle. I like the idea of hormone manipulation (increasing testosterone and GH on the weekdays, and increasing insulin on the weekends, for a total anabolic effect) But for some reason, I can’t get the idea of Post workout recovery out of my mind.

I want to go about bulking up in a carb-conscious manner, I’m down to even do it keto-style. So far, I’ve yet to see any major improvements on the AD (I’ve been into it about 2.5 weeks and I initially went 12 days without carbs at first and only had one carb up on a Sunday, which bloated me like a mother…).

Any help with modifications to this diet? Anthony Colpo suggests to stay out of ketosis while doing this, while Dr. D says no more than 30g of carbs a day.

This is technically a CKD, and I’m super sensitive to carbs (I’ll start binging the minute even oatmeal hits my mouth). Would a TKD be a better approach to bulking up whilst being carb-sensitive? I know for a FACT, that I’ll put on tons of fat with muscle if I take the typical bodybuilding approach.

Calories reign supreme for hypertrophy, but can higher carbs increase the speed of hypertrophy?

I’m looking to put on 30 pounds of muscle, then cut up and finally see that six-pack I’ve been dreaming about :’(

I just need that muscle, because I admit, I miss carbs. I’ve lost 110 pounds on a low-carb diet,and binges have become more frequent. I need more muscle, so I can handle more carbs.

I’m around 183 lbs now, 20% BF, 5’9. I know I’m a definite endomorph (used to be 285 lbs last summer), and family is all diabetic.

Anyone have any success on the anabolic diet? If so, how long did it take you to see results, because I feel like dropping it and finding an alternative bulking method (while minimizing BF of course). Help! Please! I don’t have much muscle to spare!


we’ve got a HUGE thread on the AD over here: http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=658379

I suggest you check that out, do some reading, there’s a lot of guys who have used and are using the AD and experimenting with it to fit their personal needs.

However, I suggest you do the diet following Dr. D’s plan for at least a few months, until you’re really adapted. Then you can start experimenting.

Happy reading!


I’ve looked at that thread and its massive!!!

I’ll continue to stick with the diet. (The reason why I’m doubting it right now, is because it seems that I’ve gained some fat. Low-carbing and fat gain, is quite a rarity.)

My man. I’d recommend that if you do the AD, with your history, you keep weekend carbs clean, and get some taurine powder and green tea in, cos you’ll get sleepy. Also read that thread, and give a PM to disc hoss and sashaG, who both know a lot about the diet. Good luck

Definitely follow the plan, don’t mix them up. Be sure you aren’t eating any “hidden” carbs. As a young lifter (13 years ago) I followed the Anabolic Diet to a “T” and put on 20 lbs while losing 2" off my waist in about 3 months.

I have just started the Anabolic Solution (5 weeks ago) and am losing fat fairly nicely and retaining muscle and strength. My waist is down 1.75" and my weight is only down about 10 lbs, so I’ve dropped a percent or two of fat.