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A Beginner Just Saying Thanks

I’ve been reading articles on T-Nation for a while and thought I’d drop in on the forums and introduce myself.

Not too long ago I was living in complete antithesis to T-Nation principles - a distance running vegan(including too much soy) weighing in at a paltry 150 pounds at 6’0". I even had most of the classic symptoms of low testosterone at 22 years old!

A few months ago as I was preparing to leave college I looked at my body and my athleticism and realized I was unhappy with both. I started searching the internet for strength training/bodybuilding information and I soon found myself reading T-Nation articles regularly and, perhaps more importantly, applying what I read.

I greatly enjoy whole body workouts and am particularly fond of Waterbury’s total-body training(with a couple of extra workouts each week to work on sprinting, grip strength, etc). I usually consume between 4,000 and 5,000 calories daily with each meal either a combination of primarily carbs and protein or fat and protein. Supplements are fish oil, protein powder, and creatine. Standard stuff.

I’m quite happy with my results so far - I’ve gained 30 pounds in 3 months. And those symptoms that I had that could have been due to low testosterone have gone away. The only downside is, with my frame, I’m still 30 or 40 pounds away from starting to look big.

I don’t have any questions and I’m not really looking for advice. I just wanted to introduce myself and give thanks for a such an outstanding group of scientists and athletes coming together and providing their expertise for free.

Congrats keep it up


Great to have you hear; keep up the great work! ;o)


This post should be required reading for every newbie around here. Glad to see that someone is listening to us. Congrats on those impressive gains!

I “join” your thread. I also thank everybody for the detailed answers.

It’s very good to be in a forum where experts want to help out the beginners.


Keep up the good work. …you may have to change your logon name, since it won’t be descriptive anymore, though.

30 pounds in 3 months, wow man that’s awesome keep it up.

Congrats, Bro. 30 pounds in 3 months means your body is set to Grow! Keep up the great work!

[quote]skidmark wrote:
Keep up the good work. …you may have to change your logon name, since it won’t be descriptive anymore, though.[/quote]

Hopefully one of these days it won’t be. I’ve nearly doubled my 1RM for most lifts since I started(currently 165 bench, 195 squat, 225 deadlift).

Although those numbers might be Herculean to some of my old running buddies I know that they’re unimpressive compared to what most on here can do. I think that’s a good thing. Anytime I start to become a little too satisfied with what I’ve accomplished I need only look around on these forums, see how far I’ve yet to go, and then I’m ready to hit the iron again with renewed enthusiasm.

'Grats on the progress. :slight_smile: But be careful not to get fat, you won’t be able to gain 10 pounds a months (if it shouldn’t be all fat) when you are a beginner no more. And all the fat you gain, you have to loose again sometime - and that takes time.
But why complain now, just keep lifting. :smiley: