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A Beginner Again


I have 10 yrs of actual training experience, during which time I acomplished a great deal, in strength, size, and leaness. However an injury, compounded with divorce and working two jobs caused a three year layoff.

I know more about advanced training programs and routines than I know about how to begin again.

I cant seem to figure out an optimal sets and reps scheme for someone with a long layoff. Where as I used to alternate high volume, and low volume periods, neither are apply to me now.

I kind of figured for a month I should stick in the 8 to 12 range with not many all out sets, and minimal exercises.

anyone with some experience starting over would be cool


I wouldn't necessarily call you a begginer then. You probably have a lot of muscle memory waiting to blow up. If I were you I'd start out with a lower volume routine and begin to build up your work capacity again. I wouldn't worry too much about rep ranges but rather frequency. You should get plenty of variation through different programs.

Try something like Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy by Chad Waterbury.

How is your diet?


the crappy thing is I look like a begginer. My diet has been limited, my injury to my spine messed up motility. I have had a hard time digesting enough protein like I used to. that is partly what kept me from motivating.

Six meals is physically impossible as it backs up, but right now i'm only able to get 4 meals in. SAD..I end up gravitating low carb excpet for pWO. I'm not that carb tolerant. I have quite a bit of fat to lose.


you can try out the 5x5 www.geocities.com/elitemadcow1