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A Ballsy Cat




Yeah, I feel bad for that cat if he gets much closer...

Oh, and since you're from Connecticut, i'm going to laugh at you (They're all going to laugh at you!)...

Congratulations to UConn (#1 team in the country) losing to Syracuse (not ranked in the top 25).


" I thought I saw a pussy cat...I did...I did". That cat must have balls of steel and a titanium backbone, but its going to get plucked and become a meal. I bet the after photo is even crazier.LOL



HA! I go to Uconn yet I'm not a fan in the least!


I think he's trying to prove he's not a pussy.


The owner must have a healthy regard for it, getting the camera instead of seperating them. I don't think it shows balls so much as stupidity. The cat obviously has no idea with what it is dealing.




that cat gets my vote for T-cat of the year.


Where do you live? I lived at Hicks Hall and then Knollwood Apts...


Another one.


Nah, I think he's just curious.


Curiosity killed the cat.

Satisfaction brought him back.


Did you take this picture? I'm thinking that that's either a really big cat or a really small eagle. Adult bald eagles are nearly 36" long.


I think the Eagle was bent over getting ready to fly away. That's what it looked like, at least.

And the one with the cat and dogs looks like it's from a dog training place.


It only matters who is #1 in April...


Either way, the scene appears to be taking place on the back deck of somebody's house, with the picture being taken from inside the house.

Also, judging by the collar on the cats neck, it is quite possibly the pet of whoever is taking the picture.

So, either that's a very realistic statue of a bald eagle, or somebody reallllly doesn't like their pet cat anymore....


Apparently they only weigh about 10 pounds. I'm not sure it would want to risk getting into a scrap with a cat if it didn't need to... the cat is bigger and heavier than it's usual meals.


A police academy. The cat is used to taunt the dogs and make sure they stay when ordered to do so. Imagine the temptation.