A/B Split

In 2008 I have tha plan to do these exercicies:
Leg press
Bench press
Incline dunbell bench press
One-arm dunbell rows
Military Press
Dunbell lateral raises
Barbell curl
Triceps extension
Wrist curl
reverse wrist curl
Back extension

I want to do 2 full-body a week, a A and B split.Arms will be trained just one time a week.
Nedd sugestion on how to group the exercicies.
Thank you very much

Check out the links half way down this thread:


There’s no point designing your own programs when the experts here have already done the work.

Too complicated. Forget about reverse wrist curls too :stuck_out_tongue:

Check out Chad Waterbury’s ideas for total body; if you really wanna do an A/B split you can make his principles fit it.

You’d prob’ly be best doing ABBH or something for now though.