A-B-A-B training

Hi again,

If I’m going to do A-B style training done 3 days/week with A) clean, squat, bench
B) clean, dl, press -split, should I always do the main work for both movements or go to other movement as main set and other as supplemental?

I have done this earlier with other movement as main work and other movement as FSL. I also have seen you recommending 3 days/week program where you’ll do always main work for both movements. Is there some situations when other is superior to other?

Hope this makes any sense?

Thanks in advance.

If you are doing three big lifts per day, I wouldn’t recommend doing “main work” for all three, all three days. I wrote an article awhile ago about how to design your own Full Body Program, with step by step instructions of how to do it, what to consider, etc. I have no idea where I wrote it though.

You are better off training in blocks, like the Beyond book recommends.

Thank you. I’ll search for the article, but I might just do one of your ready templates.