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A-AKG and Surge Workout Fuel


Wrestling pre season is just around the corner and I was planning on taking A-AKG before wrestling practices and then sip on Surge Workout Fuel during the workout. I am wrestling in college in the NCAA and need any recovery help I can get. Any thoughts or suggestions?


What are you taking A-AKG for? what specific purpose? SWF is a great idea, but AAKG has shown to have very poor, if any, results


I would be taking the A-AKG so my muscles wouldn't fatigue and maybe more endurance ? or would arginine or beta alanine be better before? or nothing?


Surge Workout Fuel has all the ingredients you would need for more endurance. (Citrulline malate and beta alanine). I would stick with that and buy an extra jug over anything AAKG. Thats your best bet.