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A ? about CW program.

In “The Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program
Break the “Rules” and Gain Real Muscle!” program it says to do this program for 23 days. Now after this program should i repeat the whole thing or start a different one.

I’m on the Anti-Bodybuilding program now. After the first cycle through, I’m going to do it again but switch the days around.

In other words, right now dip/chin day is done at 5 sets of 10 each. On the other chest/back day that week, you do something like bench/row at 10 sets of 3 (first week at least).

So after the first cycle is complete you can do the whole thing again and reverse the sets and reps. So dip/chin day would be 10 sets of 3 (time to get out the X-vest) and bench/row day would be 5 sets of 10.

Great program so far.

That’s what i was thinking about doing. Basically just switching the sets and reps with the opposite days.

Yeah, but Chris… the X-Vest only goes up to 40lbs! :wink:

You have two choices. You can either perform the program the way my good buddy Shugart is doing it, or you can perform each method for 3 weeks. There probably isn’t much of a difference in the long run. Either way will yield excellent results.

Ike, I have the 84 pound X-vest too.

One thing to remember is that CW, for the most part, likes you to use explosive concentrics. So what I do is really try to power through the chins while using a controlled, but not slow, eccentric. This is much more taxing than regular chins.

CW will talk about this more in an upcoming interview at T-mag.