A 6 Week Experiment...

Going to give the “High Performance Mass” training a try. I’ll do two full cycles, six total weeks. I did about eight months of 5/3/1, made some good strength gains, but I moved and changed jobs, and that just shot my training all to heck.

24 year old male, 6’6". Weighed in at 226 at the gym this morning. I’ll weigh every Monday. I look… bad. Not fat, but skinny-fat. No definition. Hopefully that will change.

I’ll be using ANACONDA and MAG-10, a scoop of each on every workout but the neural charge/recovery workouts.

Starting 3RM:
Bench - 210
Incline - 170
Push Press - 140
Deadlift - 305
Squat - 335

Done with first two days of the workout, plus the first NC day.

Obviously not a lot to report just yet, but I do enjoy this style of training.

We’ll see.

So, finished one cycle of HP Mass training. It took me a little longer than six weeks, because I missed about two weeks of training around Christmas/New Years.

But anyway, my verdict: This stuff works.

Just finished re-testing my 3RM.

OHP: 165 ( 25)
Incline: 200 ( 30)
Bench: 225 ( 15)
Squat: 315 (-20, but before I was squatting to a box just above parallel. This was 315 to depth, below parallel.)

I’m swapping out deadlifts for leg press, because I wasn’t seeing the leg development I would like. 3RM for that is 700. But the machine at my gym is terrible, great leverage, so it just took that much weight on the bar to get to failure. I’m not that much of a beast.

I’m 24, 6’6". Started this at 226, weighed in yesterday at 234. Leaner than I’ve ever been (still not lean though).

Finished another cycle a couple weeks ago, just now posting the updates.

OHP: 175 (10)
Incline: 225 (25)
Bench: 250 (25)
Squat: 325 (10)
Leg Press: 770 (70)

So, since I started, this has been an increase of:

35 pounds on OHP
55 pounds on incline
40 pounds on bench
Better depth on squat
70 pounds on leg press

Also got my weight up to 236 at my heaviest. Right now I’m taking four weeks to do something a little more athletic, do some more cardio and try to trim some fat, but once I do that, I’m back on the HP Mass train.