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A-50 Site injections.......

Is it safe (smart) to inject into you triceps??? My friend crushed an A-50 pill up and heated it on a spoon until it had disolved into the vegitable oil that he used. He then injected into his dog (a mean ass Chihuahua with a spike collar)and got no apparent adverse reactions. So, then he made a batch up for himself and put it in his tricep. Ever sense he hasn’t quite been the same. The site turned a slightly yellowish color and he said that no matter how much fibers he eats he can’t hold his shit in. So I told him that beef is better that chicken because the fibers are thicker, is this right? Also he kind of stinks like a rotting corpse or somthing and his tricep had to have grown at lest 3 inches although he cant bend his arm at the elbow because of the pain. I feel sorry for my friend although his dog seems to be OK. So, as a friend what would you do…?

laugh (loudly and for a long time)

Your dumbass friend might have a nasty infection. He better get his ass to a doctor before he’s a Darwin award winner. A friggin chihuaha? Did he even use a different needle? Good tip… swallow orals and inject injectables.

Isn’t this one of those dirty tricks that somebody wrote about in an old Bill Phillips Newsletter as a joke. Dude this shit made me laugh so hard.

An amusing story, but a story none the less.

This mysterious “friend with a problem” everyone on mesage board is always mentioning must be one dumb mofo!