A 5 Day Split with Volume?

I am doing 5/3/1 BBB. Looking for a 5-6 day split currently. Looking for a good amount of volume and time in the gym. However, I do like 5/3/1, I just could not figure a 5-6 day split out.

The other BBB-- Big Beyond Belief, is 6x/week. Just do a search–there are two threads on this site where it is discussed extensively. Don’t start the program until you’ve read a lot of the stuff that’s been written, as it’s very helpful.

Or do you mean that you want to split the body up into 5 or 6 sessions? Such as: day 1 chest, day 2 back, day 3 legs, day 4 shoulders, day 5 arms.

i’m doing 531 now. 5x/week, trying something new as ive done 531 for the past yr.

do it, push(bench/ohp),pull(back),legs(squat)rest, push(bench/ohp), pull+legs(deadlifts+back) rest.