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A 40 Year Old's First Cycle


I'm 40, 6', 205, 12%bf, training on and off since I was 16, very seriously for periods in there, and religiously for last 18 months. Never used AAS. I'm in good strength and cardio shape right now but thinking seriously about taking it to the next level. Got out of a ten year relationship about a year ago, and I hit the gym 4-5x a week. I've been prowling the various boards and this is what I am considering for a first cycle:

wks 1-10 500 mg test e (2x250mg/wk)
wks 1-10 .5 adex eod
wks 2-12 500 iu hcg (2x250iu/wk)
wks 10-14 60mg tamox day one, 40mg ed rest of week, then 40, 20, 20
tamox on hand

I considered Clomid and Nolvadex together for pct but decided to go with just tamox.

Any advice anyone might have to offer would be greatly appreciated.


Looks good except you would start the Nolva in week 12, not 10.

Also, if I were you, I would frontload with 1000mg the first week. Test E takes a while to kick in and it can get really frustrating waiting for it. I'm sort of an instant gratification kind of guy lol. If you're feeling ambitious, 30-40mg of Dbol every day for the first 4 weeks before the Test kicks in and you won't be disappointed.


Sorry my bad, that was a typo with the Nolva-- The reason I decided not to go with Dbol or another oral was after reading around there were a lot of arguments for a test-only first cycle. At one point I had considered Anavar for wks 4-10, but again I kind of wanted to keep it simple first time out... Plus i have a feeling that with the Dbol I would really explode, which might raise a couple eyebrows around the office :wink:


Being 40+ get pre/post and two months post cycle blood work done. Have you checked out the Test Taper thread? This will go along with your idea of keeping with one product. Keep your BP monitored.
From another 40+


Had bloodwork done about three weeks ago-- everything normal, liver enzymes ok, my cholesterol is 173, my bp is 110/70, resting hr in the low fifties. What should I be looking for? Also, does anyone have anything else to offer about the Dbol kickstart? A couple of people I've talked to locally are pushing the idea that if I'm going to do it, I might as well throw the Dbol in... It is cheap.


Ok I forgot to ask about regular supplements. Right now I take Size On, Jack3d, ON multi's, and Myofusion for a protein. Should I stick with these or DC them?


I would frontload the test. 500mg E3d the first week would be good.

Start with .25mg adex EOD and bump it up if you need to.

If you add the d-bol wait till after week 3. It is synergistic with test and you will get more out of it by waiting.

Test only is totally fine. Another way to do a first cycle is 20-40mg dbol preworkout only. Some additional strength gains, less bloat.


Should I DC the Size On and the Jack3d I mean, I would stick with the vitamins and protein.


No you wouldnt.

If youre taking the typical 2 weeks between the last injection and the first dose of the SERM, PCT would start in week 13.

On week 1,2,3...9,10
Off two weeks 11,12
PCT 13,14,15,16.

Further, PCT will start midweek because the first shot will be on a sunday or monday, usually. The last shot will be on a wednesday or a thursday.

Pay closer attention to this stuff, especially if youre going to be the first to respond.


I think he meant get blood work to show the status of your hormones. Recovery is not a guarentee for anyone, but age exacerbates the risk.


Exactly, thank you