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A 16 Year Old's Quest - Creatine?


could i use creatine to gain size and strength?i need 10lbs for football, im 5'7 168..


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Anyways, to answer your question: protein first, creatine second. Go to the Beginners section, and read all the stickies at the top of the forum.


im trying to be a lot nicer and make the forums a place where people can feel like they can ask anything without getting attacked and flamed but wow, did you just ask if creatine will help you gain size and strength?

type creatine in google and read one of the 10209930259823093498i2395823 articles on creatine.

T-Nation: commence flaming.


I had real good gains using the shake weight 3 times a week. I put on 20 lbs of mass in 2 weeks.


It's actually good diet first, then good training second. Supplements are the last thing you should be looking at. I bet eating more food and training intelligently and consistently would more than get you 10 pounds. Creatine works, but I bet there are 100 things you could do before you use it that would make you a better athlete.


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Seems like a simple question to me. If your goal is size and strength and you are serious and can afford it, then yes take creatine. I'm assuming everything else (diet, rest and workout) is in order of course.


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x2. (And it includes the shake weight comment farther up). I'll never understand some people's choice to crack jokes at newbies' expense in the Beginners forum. In here, plan to cut newbs some slack in all but the most extreme cases.

"Could" you? Sure. But that's not going to be 10 pounds of muscular weight. You'll get a better bang for your buck if you focused on tweaking your training and nutrition first. Any supplement plan, even something as basic as creatine, should be put into place after your training and food is at 100%.

What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

What does your current training look like?