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A 15 Yr Old Wanting 'Roids'!


This is not a wind up

this is a genuine exchange that took place between me and a 15 year old I do not know on another website:


have you taken roids? I want to take them to get bigger for football because I work out 3 times a week and havent had any big gains, but people say they will mess me up big time, and i cant find anywhere to get them.


How old are you mate?


Im only 15. I know thats young for roids, but a dude at my school got on them a couple years ago when he was 16 and he presses 425 for a max and weighs 200.


Ok heres the deal

I know a lot about AAS (roids) and I do not give a shit what your mates do I am telling you right now if you touch the stuff before you are 21 you are fucked for life, I really mean that




Oops just realised that was all in caps.. never mind, it is very easy to take some pills right? yes but you do not know anything about steroids and you need to understand that you have to take other very stong substances to help you come off a cycle. If you do not know about this stuff you are an absoloute idiot putting extremely strong chemicals into your body

I can show you pictures of a really good High school footballer that messed around with steroids at the age of 17

The pictures I have are of him at 18 and he has breasts, yes breasts, floppy womens tits! And they can only be removed by surgery and everyone will know why you grew tits, cos you took steroids.

Also there are a lot of fake steroids around are you willing to risk taking pills bought from some guy at the gym?

I can answer almost anymore questions you may have but please do not be tempted, those guys at your school taking stuff are really stupid, I promise in a few years they will seriously regret it.

Also one last thing please never again use the term 'roids' please use AAS or steroids, if you talked about 'roids' in my gym you would get slapped hard!


I do not know the guy he is in the US, if I could slap him I would but I can't, do you think I did enough to put him off?

I hope so.

There must be thousands of kids like him willing to take anything to bench more weight.... Jesus Christ!




so if you take steroids at my age and it stumps your growth, doesnt that only affect your height?


It can cause your own natural growth cycle to fail.

this includes your bones and muscle, so yes your hieght, and your width and your cock the lot mate

*I do not know too much about fucking up your growth plates if some one can link me to some info that this kid will understand that would be ace cheers


This thread is both hilarious and also sad that the youth thinks they need aas. Like you I believe using aas is great if you do the research and are at an age that your t levels are dropping. Good thread!


I had a 17 year old ask me to help him out by being his personal trainer. Then this kid went behind my back looking for steroids to take after I told him how bad they were at his age and that he didn't need them to grow. So I had to tell him I refused to work with him if he was gonna be like that


Having been in high school and a football player just a year ago...there is a lot of pressure on football players to get bigger and stronger FAST. Coaches preach that its the only way to get recruited for college and to succeed is to get huge. Its sad because kids will do anything (i.e. AAS or whatever the guy at the gym claims it is) to get bigger. I know guys on my team injected shit (god knows what it REALLY was) and took pills like candy. All of that is fine for the educated user but kids dont think about that. All they think is "this is the only way to achieve my dream". It's really fucking lame.


Good on ya for saying don't do it, but at that age, he'll proly find another way.


idiots will be idiots what can you do. seriously though a small kid looks at all these pro athletes who take steroids and are huge, they naturally want to do the same and look past all the negatives just so they can be like them.


The sad thing is he'll probably end up on some dodgy prohormone anyway. I know a 17 year old guy at my gym who did a 6 weeker of anadrol 100mg ED with no PCT. He loved the transient gains he got (around 30lbs) but he says he hasn't been able to "get it up" since, and he's actually weaker than when he started!


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Gone are the days in high school when all boys thought of was pot, the occasional rail and some LSD. Oh, and pussy. Lots of pussy.

I never wanted to do steroids until I hit 38. My fear of needles served me well in high school!

Good for you to knock this kid down. He'll end up taking some bunk that may screw him up, but your karma won't be dirty.


I got a cousin in texas, He is in highschool, and is friends with many of the football players,he told me that he saw nearly half of all the starters take steroids at some point,

and the really sad thing is that some of them don't even cycle them, they just take them year around, and if they decide to stop they just go cold turkey.another sad thing is that they for the most part only use orals such as D-bol, Anadrol so they are deffidentally fucking up their livers,

hey but on the bright side their strong for a couple of months lol


I'm from Texas, and there were plenty, and I mean plenty of high school football players on AAS. And, to back up what you said, one of my good friends was actually a "dealer," (whatever that means for a high school kid) and I cannot imagine this guy knowing what to do with needles, so I'm pretty sure it was strictly orals. This guy is fat and bald and manager of an IHOP now, not that that is either here or there.

Also, my brother lives in my parents' house and has occasionally contemplated taking AAS, which has lead me to ponder attempting to keep a stash of injectibles in the house and making regular injections with other people living there whom you are attempting to hide the drugs from. It would be possible for a high school student to do this...but very, very hard. Orals, not so hard.


I also just learned from him that the texas government has now imposed random drug testing,
but irnoically they seem to not test the starters, my cousin is an honor role student with no involment in sports and he has allready been tested 3 times, this is very bad considering his school is of a couple thousand


My county in Florida is starting a pilot program for random drug testing (of athletes). What sports are the starting with you ask? Football, baseball, and wrestling.


All teenagers have a few things in common...

A) they don't give a rats ass about the long-term future. They live in the present and immediate future.

B) They want to hear their own opinion in another voice. If you have another opinion, they will ignore it and will consult someone else(many adult still have the same mindset). The kid here looks to have made his decision about using, and he's probably going to anyway, no matter what the dangers are.

Who cares what you feel like when you're 40, right?


Wow...that is the worst overstatement I have seen on this forum in a while... Actually most teenagers (I can specifically think of about 5 different ones I train with) all know not to fuck with AAS. Yea, there are fucking idiots out there. But, come on. Too make such a broad statement like that is obnoxious, wrong and shows that you have absolutely no sense of connection or understanding to my generation.


you just hang around mature people, most teenagers do abuse drugs-most not AAS, since media tries to scare them into thinking it will blow up your penis- And yes most teenagers are not mature and don't listen to adults with more knowledge then them.


For the most part teenagers think they know everyhing, and will never admit being wrong, or take advice


occasionally you see the ones in which actually listen to adults, and don't think that they are gods gift to the planet


I don't want to dog on football or anything, I love it, but its sad to hear about this pressure in high school football. I mean, in all honesty its JUST high school football. over 3/4 of the kids that play aren't going to play in college, aren't going to make it in the NFL and are probably never going to play football (competitively) again.

Its really disheartening to hear coaches and other kids pressure each other just to get big. Though, I'm sure you can blame a lot of the influence on the stuff that professional sports teams are all wrapped up in these days.


When I was a junior in high school, probably 15 guys on the football team were on some poorly (not) thought out "stack" of orals. Our team sucked hard, and not a single guy went D-1. It's easy to imagine some intense "Varsity Blues" style Texas football coach not-so-subtley pressuring his undersized star players into "bulking up," but no one at my school made these kids take this shit but themselves. They honestly think that they need d-bol and shitty pro-hormones to get "hyooge." We even had a good amount of 160-pound tools at school that never played a sport that ate that stuff like candy thinking they were gonna get "jacked." Dumbasses.