9th Week of 12 Week Cycle Pain

Last night i started feeling this weird pain in well… my left nut
my cycle is test e 250 x2 a week so 500mg a week.and taking nolva while on

what do ya recon it can be?

happens to me if there’s testicular atrophy. Use HCG during cycle, and you will avoid both discomfort and an elongated recovery.

but the thing is that there is no atrophy…zero change in size!!
thats way i think its very weird, can u think of anything else?
there is no reason to be worried is there?


I have no idea. Try the HCG.

i get this every cycle, i only notice visible atrophy and size loss though around week 6 onwards.

Also, I think its important to realize that just because you’re not walking around with raisins in your sack doesn’t mean NO atrophy has occurred. Unless you take calipers to ya nutz every day, its going to be hard to gauge if ANY atrophy has occurred. Like I said, I had the same issue, and HCG fixed it.

thanks for all the responses…
but there is another minor q…
what if i cant get hcg…which i cant!! there is still pain (comes and goes)
what should i do? should i just grow a pair (no pun intended) and go on OR should i stop short with the cycle and start my pct?

Well, personally I think that 12 weeks is too long, unless you’re super experienced and have some sort of goal/show/whatever you need to hit at the end of 12 weeks.

You will probably see gains start to taper off at this point anyway. If you’re worried, go off, and run your PCT plan. If you’re running sus, that should basically mean starting up serms in 2 weeks or so, correct?

wel im eunning test e…
but is there any reason to be worried?

well any way im gonna cut my cycle short and finish now (after 10 weeks)

how long after my pct can i start my next cycle? (i want to as soon as possible)
so what do you think?

Well, the rule of thumb is to spend as much time “off” as “on”. The real issue though is complete restoration of HPTA. The only way to know for certain is to have blood work done.

thanks man… will do