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99% of T-Nationers are Wasting Time

I have been to plenty of both commercial and hardcore forums, and I have for a long time lost my patience with Goddamn fuckwiths pricking about in forums without a clue how to post properly, let alone make any sense, there are people who take there posting very seriously and its damn frustrating when some dick is hogging or should I say trolling the forums, and my time, on a piece of internet technology that I can, and have used, more productivly.

I know there are many threads covering this topic, I know that commercial forums and some hardcore forums are a business and they need membership fees, blah blah, fuckin blah, but lets cut the bullshit, most are wasting there fucking time and I wish they would just get lost and quit getting in the way of those who want to communicate hard.

One example involves a fucking “poster” from the last commercial forum I’ll ever associate myelf with, I was resting and preparing myself for my final rant on a thread, had my hoodie on and over my head, eyes to the floor, minding my own fucking business, I lay down in the middle of my moms basement and began my final thought process, then this infected cock of a mom comes over to me with two hot pockets and asked me whilst in the middle of my fucking train of thought, “have you many left on that”?..I ignored her at first then she asked again, whilst her and hot pockets shared a little chuckle, i lost my temper and shouted “fuckoff cunts” I dunno what she did but I finished my hot pockets. When I was going to take a shit later my dad approached me and told me that my behaviour toward my mom and the dinner she brought me was inappropriate and disrespectful blah blah blah, I was burning inside, still mad and still pumped up, I basically told him to never ever disturb me while I’m posting.

I got a letter the very next morning from my parents, effectivly telling me i’m a complete douchebag and a failure for unruly and aggressive behaviour.

rant over.


have you tried wearing a really loud MP3 player?

have you tried wearing a really loud tampon?

fuck that was funny.

[quote]Cozzy wrote:
fuck that was funny.[/quote]

Eh, it was kinda lame for V. Come on man, you can do better than that. Hell, you routinely do loads better than that.

ah perhaps i haven’t been paying enough attention. i just read that other thread (yesterday?) and i was thinking how lame it was. this made me chuckle.



And a good one too! I clicked and didn’t even know it was a pardoy, I was checking on my last post in the original and thought it must have disappeared.
Well done Vegita!

[quote]Cozzy wrote:
ah perhaps i haven’t been paying enough attention. i just read that other thread (yesterday?) and i was thinking how lame it was. this made me chuckle.[/quote]

This used to be a staple of the forum. We gotta pick our spots now. I’m glad you enjoyed it.