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99% of People in Gyms are Wasting Their Time


I have been to plenty of both commercial and hardcore gyms, and I have for a long time lost my patience with Goddamn fuckwiths pricking about in gyms without a clue how to train properly, let alone make any progress, there are people who take there training very seriously and its damn frustrating when some dick is hogging or should I say wasting his time, and my time, on a piece of equipment that I can, and have used, more productivly.

I know there are many threads covering this topic, I know that commercial gyms and some hardcore gyms are a business and they need membership fees, blah blah, fuckin blah, but lets cut the bullshit, most are wasting there fucking time and I wish they would just get lost and quit getting in the way of those who want to train hard.

One example involves a fucking "trainer" from the last commercial gym I'll ever associate myelf with, I was resting and preparing myself for my final set of leg presses, had my hoodie on and over my head, eyes to the floor, minding my own fucking business, I lay down in the machine and began my final set, then this infected cock of a trainer comes over to me with two females and asked me whilst in the middle of my fucking set, "have you many left on that"?...I ignored him at first then he asked again, whilst him and his female cronies shared a little chuckle, i lost my temper and shouted "fuckoff cunts" I dunno what they did but I finished my set. When I was leaving the trainer approached me and told me that my behaviour toward him and other members was inappropriate and disrespectful blah blah blah, I was burning inside, still mad and still pumped up, I basically told him to never ever disturb me while I'm training.

I got a letter the very next morning from that gym, effectivly terminating my membership from that gym for unruly and aggressive behaviour.

rant over.


im nothing special, but what do you look like? if u dont mind me asking? unless ur over 250 i'd like to think there was plenty of bigger guys thinking the same thing about you.


I'm 5'7 go between 230 and 240, 10-12%...


The last time that happened to me (before getting kicked out of the gym for various reasons), a trainer was hassling me to use the rack while I was squatting even though there were two other empty racks. I went in for a set and on the way down, let out the most rancid, skin-melting fart I could muster. Douche and company went away. Small victories make life less depressing.


Well duh. Most people go to the gym to be able so say that they went to the gym. It's as simple as that.

I can't really remain polite when people start talking to me mid-set either, so I can't say I blame you.


saying "10 more" would have been less effort, less words, more polite than yelling what you did. Way to go for being a decent person.

I can see the frustration being in the middle of a set, but really?


They pay their membership fee just like you do. They have every right to use it, whether their not training hard, incorrectly, or whatever. You don't like it? Build you own gym at home.




I couldnt care less , there wasting there money and there time, and wasting the time of those who take there training seriously, and they seem to damn well know it, serious lack of consideration for those very few who workout hard and take there workouts seriously.


There Their
Learn how to use them properly.


I couldnt care less , there wasting there money and there time

I couldn't care less, they're wasting their money and their time



Obviously a lot of people here dont know how it feels to be under a lot of weight, where not only was I trying to conentrate on what I was doing for the set to be productive as possible but also for safety values and I have no patience or decency for someone coming up and attempting to distract me given the danger of a potential serious injury. Especially a trainer who should know better but in a majority of cases obviously not.


A couple months ago I was deadlifting, hitin a pr. Got the weight up...I didn't drop it but I let it down pretty hard, some fuck face had the nerve to get off his treadmill and come say 'that's very loud'. To which I respond, 'thanks, thats a lot of weight'. He got into some stupid ass rant about how I was going to ruin the floor, headphones back in, fuck him. I cant be bothered to argue with a fat person.


While I'm all for intensity and such, you are at a commercial gym where there are plenty of "average" citizens using the place half-heartedly at best. You should come to expect this, should you decide to use that gym. If you don't like it, train elsewhere or at home. As for the trainer, yeah, he was a cockknuckle, but you became an even bigger one yelling out the way you did. You're on a fucking machine. Minimal danger with that. Better ways to handle the entire situation.


99% of people on internet do not know the difference between there and their.


Minimal danger? I'm not going to get into numbers here coz thats just gonna start a whole other fucking argument but if you have ever been on a plate loaded leg press machine with a lot of weight to push, then maybe you'll understand, but thats not gonna happen.


Lol @ fat people in general. Anyways happily i go to a decent gym where people don't complain if your being loud (with slamming weights etc), not even the manager which is pretty cool and Ive never been interrupted during a set, maybe once or twice but nothing where id ever reply as the OP did. Come on seriously? What the hell were you trying to prove? Its funny but unnecessary, i think if you ignore people until your set is done is enough but if they persist the most id say to them is 1 sec, or as someone else said 10 more or whatever, not something Hit-girl would say before she killed a bunch of people;).


Yeah...it should take more than that to break out the C word.

I'd save that one for Eva Braun or Ann Coulter or some woman that beats her kids.




I think he's british or australian so it was not too different from addressing them as 'lady' or 'sir'.

Seriously though, there have been threads like this. Those people may never be muscular but at least they're doing something to keep fit.