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98 Year Old Judoka



Opinions? I think it's great and what martial arts are all about. What do others think?


Holy fuck, how is that lady 100? She looks younger than my 80 year old grandmother.

Seriously, wow.


Everything that woman is says is exactly what all martial arts about.

Good for her. Awesome accomplishment.


Wow that's really cool. Thanks for sharing.


Fantastic story.

Thank you for posting this.


Robert A


this is what spirit is all about!

I feel humbled by that woman.


I bet I could take her.


Snicker...See that cane she walks with? Her foot is sore from kicking so much ass for so long.


my father walks with a cane, a cane that is actually a sheathed sword

Never mess with a old man with a cane.


She reminds me of yoda when she's got the cane.


She IS judo Royalty.

I had 'heard' about her.
this was an amazing post.

I am all teary eyed and fired up.

did you notice that there was no one below brown at her Dojo?
and can you imagine a life of choosing Judo for a husband


I sure as hell am not choosing boxing as a wife.

The bitch never puts out, and leaves you broke and drooling at the end of your life.


I chose wrestling as a girlfriend and she left me OCD about stepping on a scale 15 times a day

all kidding aside if this isnt motivational for anyone- you have bigger problems.
just think of dedicating your entire long long life to not just training
but an entire philosophy.

she is Rock Fucking Star.


Our combat forum is class.


I would like to dedicate my life to Nachos, but i choose karate instead.


Truly inspiring lady. I'm so pleased for her. It was quite emotional watching her crying but the choice she made has finally paid off. And she looks great for her age.

Thanks for sharing this video.



Her face looks like that of a 60 year old. It's remarkable. There's something about doing martial arts or boxing that really keeps you young.

If you watch this video, you see Manny Steward working the pads with Miguel Cotto - and most of the time Manny looks and moves like an old fucking man. You get him in the ring with Miguel though, and he's so light, and so quick on his feet, he looks like he's 30 years old....



That man is 67 year old?? Fuck me!!

I must say, to be this age or above, and still practice MA and other forms of fitness is definitely a great achievement.

I must emphasize nutrition and the way you look after your body tremendously help. Some great sport/fitness athletes had fucked their lives and career with abuse of drugs and alcohol. No wonder some never live to see old age.

Thanks for sharing, Fighting.


i wish i can hold mitts like that when i get to 67


When that video came out, the purpose was to show Cotto's improvement from working with Steward.

Instead, everyone ended up marveling at Steward's physical shape haha.