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96/4 Lean Beef

Does anyone else eat this? 4 oz has 4.5 grams of fat and 23 grams of protein. It tastes just like standard ground beef.

I eat it all the time. Good stuff.

I agree. It’s very tasty.

Ya, I get this stuff at Kroger called Laura’s Lean Ground Beef. It’s 96/4 and good stuff.

I prefer 93% of 96%, regardless of the brand. It’s a texture thing.

There really is no reason to use 96% over 93%, or 90% even when cutting. 85% would be fine if you are bulking.

I buy what’s on sale. If I want to reduce the fat, I just drain it off after cooking. If you like low-fat ground meats try turkey and buffalo. Buffalo is grass-fed and very tasty but, unfortunately, rather expensive.

88% lean from costco 2.49lb!

can you make a burger when it’s that lean ??


Cant live with out the ground beef, its easy to cook,super high in protein, it taste amazing.

Yup I get that or even 97/3 when they have it good stuff.


mix some ground lamb into it and be amazed.

I love the 96/4 stuff, and I agree that ground buffalo is amazing. I like the texture of ground buffalo more than the texture of ground beef. I highly suggest it.

I usually go for the Bison. Around here its the same price a pound as the beef. (3.99) pound.

4 oz serving

2 grams fat
28.4 grams protein.