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95% Week on Advanced 5/3/1


Hey Jim in your book you say that if you're feeling strong you can work up to a new 1rm on the 95% week in advanced 5/3/1, but it isn't required every time. Instead of working up to a new 1rm when you're feeling strong could you hit a predetermined double or triple with 95% and still stay within the total of 5 reps @ 95%? Like hit a triple, hit a double after and call it a day. Just thought this would change it up a little without going for a rep max or over the prescribed %. Thank you for your time.


Yes! This is a good question. The purpose of the Adv 531 is to prevent or minimize the stress and work with weights that allow good bar speed. The Lifer program actually addresses it better but you can do what you proposed. Only thing I would say is that you should make sure that particlaur 2-3 reps is fast or reasonably fast (for your standards).