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95 Jerk Miss and Attempt of 100kg

trying for 100 for a while. no idea if it will come

Not sure if that was the video you meant to post, but you pulled that clean plenty high.

i am putting on my 95 clean video. some how with 100 my body just doesnt wanna go underneath

[quote]dnd611 wrote:
i am putting on my 95 clean video. some how with 100 my body just doesnt wanna go underneath

Your pull on 100 was way high enough. I recomend seeing what you can clean from the hang. You may surprise yourself. It is not uncommon for beginner lifters to clean and snatch more from the hang, since you are generally already in proper position to complete the second pull. If you hit it from the hang it will give you confidence to hit it from the floor. It looks like the strength is there, but you are letting that triple digit number get in your head.

Another thing I do sometimes if I miss a certain weight lots of times is going above it by 5+ kilos and making a legit attempt at a weight that I clearly cannot hit, and then comming back to my target weight feels lighter. May or may not work for you, but it is worth a shot.

You can definetly clean 100!

100 is plenty high to get under it. It’s all mind over matter. Your body can do it, you just have to believe you can do it and you will.

Start with your hips lower so you can pull with your legs more.

95 miss because when you dipped you folded. Pause at the bottom of your dip, you can see your body round and from then on it’s game over, your shoulders are behind on the receive and you can’t Jerk it.

The bar comes away from you a tad in the 2nd pull but it isn’t a deal breaker. Sort the getting under it and you will make 100 easily. Don’t think so much, just pull the dam bar and get under it :slight_smile:


thats the thing about weightlifting so much of a mental thing. am gonna keep on trying till i get it

Doing a lot of block work helped me overcome my fear of getting under a heavy bar.