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95 F150 : Would Ya?


Been lookn on Craigslist for a few days for old used trucks. Already have a good daily driver. But would like to buy an old POS truck that has 4x4 for winters here in MN and to haul stuff around. Instead of borrowing peoples truck every few weeks. I don't care about looks. Can be completely rusted out for all I care.

I found and looked @ a 95' F150 standard cab, 5spd 4x4 yesterday. Its actually in pretty decent condition. Guy is askn $1000. He is selling because in the service and leavn for over seas soon. "nly mechanical problems are: Needs new windshield. This one is there but huge cracks in every direction. The cap on the master cylinder is missing. I would think you could find a new windshield & cap in a junkyard relatively easily? What do you guys think? suggestions?


Does your state require a state vehicle inspection before a transfer of the registration and title? If so, the seller should put it through inspection just so you know what you're getting yourself into. The truck could end up costing a lot more than $1000.




Check with your insurance company to be sure your willing to pay the extra for carrying two vehicles.


You could also look on Ebay Motors for someone locally who has the truck. My brother bought his car on Ebay, bad ass car for a sweet price.


as far as the windshield goes, i think you'll be ok. some car insurances will replace that for free.

but it's missing the cap on the master cylinder? if i'm guessing correct those are pretty cheap; but you'll wanna get a new one before you drive it home.

my father is on his 2nd ford truck and he's kept them for a LONG time.

snag it, get the problems fixed and get it winter ready (sand bags and knobby tires) and have some fun in the snow.


I've looked on ebay @ trucks and for a master cylinder cover. no trucks in the area on ebay are catching my attention. and look like I could buy a new master cylinder for under $40. but doesn't look like anyone is just selling the cover. I'm in no hurry to drive this thing around. so I could just buy it search junk yards for master cylinder. and when I find 1 pick it up. curious about the windshield tho.... currently I'm carrying 3 cars on my ins. and I can afford the 4th car.

I would just get liabillity anyway. I need to call my ins. and get a quote. but how do I ask about the windshield? not sure if windshield is covered on liability? otherwise I could get it. call ins company 2 weeks later and tell em my windshield is cracked and have it replaced? b rock. will send pm soon (busy with work)


i know i had a crack in my windshield, called progressive up and told them. about 1hr later it was being replaced in my works parking lot.

you might be able to sign the car up with windshield protection (or whatever they call it) and pay a slight prorate amount, get the window fixed, cancel that option. it might be cheaper then getting a new one.


Being a wrench and a Ford guy I think I can help you out. The windshield is no problem, but I suggest you get a windshield shop do it. Sure you could probably get one at a junkyard but good luck extracting it in one piece. I tried several times to get one off several RX-7s only to have the damn thing fracture in my hands. There was a couple "GOD WHY?!!!" moments. As for the cap on the master cylinder being MIA I would question the integrity of the brake system. Throw a cap on before you drive or else you'll be in a real bind 20 feet away from the dudes house. Throw the cap on and pump the brakes. If they feel squishy and not really there you need to bleed the system. No big deal but you can screw the guy some more to lower the price. The problem with rigs with 4x4 and a 5spd is the clutch. If he did any 4x'ing he rode the fuck out of that sum bitch. You need to. I would question the condition of the clutch. Doing a clutch job on a (I imagine) 302-351 mated to a (insert manual tranny series) is a major pain if you don't have a lift, tranny jacks, and an extra hand. Just that fact alone would make me consider looking for an auto. Plus, manual transmissions are fun in sports coupes etc but on a rig it will get old fast. My knee starts bothering me after a while as an example. There out there you just got to do some digging. Hope this helps



All I know is that as long as I continue to live where it snows, I will always own a 4WD vehicle.

So, I guess what I'm saying, is, if you think the $1000 price is fair, then yeah, go for it.


LOL. Those are great. They always come about 8 hours after you say to yourself "this odda take me about 90 minutes".


^^True that! I remember I was doing a medium level engine swap in one of my CRXs. "Easiest thing in the world" "It's a solid 4hr gig" On that tone the Coronas rang as the 4 guys drank liquid bravado. About 12 hours later we couldn't get the thing to stabilize. We got it running but our wiring got fudged up along the way. "GOD WHY!!??"


Other than it being a Ford, go for it, it's a good price.


I agree with growingboy. I would go ahead and flush the break system as soon as you get it home. The hydraulic system is meant to be sealed. Brake fluid will absorb moisture out of the air. This lowers the boiling point of the fluid and can cause your brakes to fail. Not to mention any dirt or dust that could have dropped in.

I would think twice about the manual though. For the reasons already suggested and more. They are a pain in the but in the snow/mud and when hauling, and wear fast in those conditions. My '98 f-150 is a 5 speed but only 2wd. It's fine for hauling a load in the bed but pulling a trailer is not much fun.


Oh no you didn't...I prepare to fight you to the bitter end my fellow man. lol


Everything I was going to say, was already said here.
I am guessing your not a mechanical person so I will tell you this.
main problems with this old of a truck would be
clutch,possible auto which is fine still want to check fluid levels
electrical-fords have gremlins Im sorry I love fords but they do.
want to check the diff make sure its clean and full ect.

a 95 f150 I would take it I almost took a 96 f350 for 3000 but I didnt have access to the cash right then. and she wouldnt hold it overnight cause someone else wanted it.

windshield you can always use your insurance and put glass coverage on it I have full glass coverage so its free.

wheel bearings are another thing

my main issue would be the master cyl. if the cap was off you will need it flushed.
brake fluid soaks up moister like a sponge and that lowers the boiling pint of the fluid which will lower the integrity of the fluid.
for a grand I would grab it up, but I can do all the work on it myself so it would cost me about another 500 put into it to be bad ass.

you I would say have another 2 grand ready to put into it for potential repairs.

you mentioned the brake fluid thing before I did
I so didnt mean to repeat you lol


Take it easy Maddy! I second the notion of the gremlins. Even more so on them older Fords. I remember a Ranger that was never really sure it was in park so it wouldn't turn over even after we tore apart the wiring harness, rewired the entire thing according to the schematic, and replaced the park position sensor. "As long as it makes it to the dealer," we would tell ourselves. They can be good gremlins though. Recently my gremlin in my odometer (cold solder joint in the back of the cluster) went away, which is sad but I've had the truck for almost 3 years and have put close to 80k maybe more on the bastard and it still reads 88k. Come trade in time Imma make the sum bitch come back though!


Yeah that always gets a reaction. :slight_smile: