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940lb Deadlift Anyone?



How long until he breaks the 1000lb barrier?




I've seen this before and it's just brutal every time I see it, I think he's Magnus' nephew, this is just awesome.


Damn, that was easy. He's got AT LEAST 960 in him right now for a training lift. Just imagine where he'd be with a little downtime before a meet.


And a negative on the way down! Impressive to say the lest.



insane.. I can't believe how easily he SMOKED 860... that is rediculous


I love pre-pull rituals. LOL

That guy takes on the persona of a raging piss-off bull that just saw his prized mate get a train run on her by the CowFootball team.


Time for him to do it in a meet now. Benni vs. Bolton is going to be great in November.


awesome. Just awesome. His ritual right before is pretty good to watch also. It looks like he gets all giddy when he runs up to it.


Amazing. The ease with which he pulled that up is insane. And to think, I WAS proud of my 415lb DL PR yesterday.

Maybe I need to snort some chalk?


That was just awesome. He's going to rewrite the record books.


maybe it wasnt chalk?
just kidding.


Damn he almost did that like a speed pull.

He is built like a Brahma Bull that can walk upright.


WHOA!! That's insane. The way he moved though was funny. :stuck_out_tongue: Reminded me of the Way Rick Flair Walks. :stuck_out_tongue:


I can't tell if you're being facetious or not (it is the Internet and tone doesn't carry very well), but that was ammonia.



He's lifting in his socks! He has no shoes.

I love the pause at the top which made him appear even stronger. WoW! The way he gets psyched up for his lifts is pure fun!!


did anyone notice how damn high this big guy jumped after his lift? That was just as impressive of him picking up nearly half a ton! WOW


I was gonna post the exact same thought! For such a huge guy he got pretty damn high off the ground.

Absolutely amazing lift, too.



Yes, he is related to Magnus Ver Magnusson.

He has said that this will be his beginning weight in Finnland next month, where Andy Bolton will also be competing. If he can do this again there then he will try 440kg. His goal has always been to deadlift 1000 lbs.(455kg)


Omg two best deadlifters in history face off. Nice....


Notice how fast he even rolls the bar to his shins. It's not even easy to get that kind of weight rolling!!!