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939lb Deadlift Video, Insane





Does that guy fling snot before he lifts?


That is insane!!!!

Pretty agile for a big guy. His psyching up routine is hilarious!

But obviously it works pretty well!

I wouldn't liked to see an angle from side on as well.


Shit! He didn't even look like he was trying!


I think he pulls an ammonia cap from behind his ear and snorts it.


Oops, I didn't realize this video was already posted earlier, but I think this one is a link to a shorter, smaller version for those without high speed.


holy crap!

who is that guy? thats close to the world record if not over it, set by Andy Bolton who probably outweighs that guy by at least 50 pounds.

thanks for posting that.


Benedikt Magnusson. Yes, he's related to Magnus ver Magnusson. And I believe he's 22 years old. And it would beat Bolton's record by 4 lbs if it were in competition.


Wow, that is funny and impressive as hell. The dude is nearly dancing!


It was difficult to see because the camara zoomed in close. But it looked like he did one heck of a vertical leap after his successful lift.

The guy has some serious power!


Dear god. That looked like a speed pull.



That is crazy, it didn't look like he was even trying! He just kind of walks up to it and picks it up.

I liked it when he bitch slaped the stool and the other guy picked it up. That was funny.